Meet Karen Osman

Hello! My name is Karen and I’m from the UK. I have lived the expat life though for almost 20 years across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. I currently live in Dubai and have been here for 13 years.

I have always worked in the writing and communications fields and in 2011, I set up a content writing and communication company called Travel Ink, specializing in the luxury hospitality industry.

Matthew Harffy - Author Spotlight

Matthew Harffy talks revenge, research and rock music...

Purple Fish featuring Matthew Harffy (on vocals) have written the perfect soundtrack for reading this article, Sail On, inspired by The Serpent Sword. Check out more Purple Fish here.

- Tell us about the hero of the Bernicia Chronicles.

A Life Without You - read a sneak peek

Chapter 1 


She would hate that it wasn’t a spectacular occasion. Quite an ordinary day really. Not good enough. Not good enough at all.

A Sunday morning in January. Dull outside. The clouds a blanket of foreboding, a grey persuasion that staying inside, under a duvet, was the best course of action.

We didn’t take much convincing.

Finding Secrets: The Blog Tour

From the 6th - 17th March, 12 of our fabulous bloggers took part in the FINDING SECRETS blog tour. Here's a round up of all the posts that took place...

The Writing Garnet: Review

'An eye-opener in more ways than one, ‘Finding Secrets’ kept me on my toes and is definitely a book which kept on giving.'

Chick Lit Uncovered: Review

Musical Musings with Fay Keenan

Since I started writing the Little Somerby books, I’ve not really managed to write to music, although music is definitely an influence. I have it on when I drive, and since that’s when I often do my plotting (while keeping my eyes firmly on the road, of course!), often, songs come onto the radio or through the iTunes on my phone that either solve a plot issue or remind me of a character or setting. So I was incredibly excited when my publisher, Aria, wanted to include a Spotify playlist of some of these songs, so that readers could get a feel for the sounds of Little Somerby.

Meet Jessica Jarlvi

Nice to meet you! I’m Jessica, a writer from Sweden who’s traveled and lived in the UK, US and the Middle East - always writing something. Just over a year ago, I entered a couple of chapters into the Montegrappa First Fiction competition at the Emirates Festival of Literature. Being one of the winners caught the eye of my talented agent, Luigi Bonomi.

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