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Head of Zeus
Defiant Unto Death
12 Feb 2015 * HARDBACK * £14.99 * 9781781851906

Thomas Blackstone takes to the battlefield once more as the Black Prince takes the fight to the French.

Fiction / FJH (Action & Adventure)
Extent: 496 pages  Format: 228 x 145 mm
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
Master of War
Master of War
Gate of the Dead
Gate of the Dead
Viper's Blood
Scourge of Wolves
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Defiant Unto DeathMaster of War, 2by David Gilman

'Heart-pounding action' THE TIMES.

FRANCE: 1356.

Ten years ago, the greatest army in Christendom was slaughtered at Crécy. Archer Thomas Blackstone stood his ground and left that squalid field a knight. He has since carved out a small fiefdom in northern France, but the wounds of war still bleed and a traitor has given the King of France the means to destroy the English knight and his family. As the traitor's net tightens, so the French King's army draws in.

Blackstone will stand and fight. He will defy his friends, his family and his king. He may yet defy death, but he can't defy his destiny: MASTER OF WAR.

David Gilman has enjoyed many careers, including paratrooper, firefighter, and photographer. An award-winning author and screenwriter, he is the author of the critically acclaimed Master of War series of historical novels, and was shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize for The Last Horseman. He was longlisted for the same prize for The Englishman, the first book featuring ex-French Foreign Legionnaire Dan Raglan. David lives in Devon. Follow David on @davidgilmanuk

I'd never thought that another writer could rival Bernard Cornwell... The level of suspense is ratcheted up to a truly brutal level' Sharon Penman

'Page-turning and gritty' Daily Mail

'Gilman does heart pounding action superlatively' The Times

'A gripping ride' Wilbur Smith

'The 100 Years' War is the new Rome for historical adventure novels' Ben Kane

'A thrilling, fast-moving, engaging tale, with unexpected twists, beautiful prose, excellent characterisation and dialogue, human sentiment and motivation, and graphic descriptions of war. The reader is utterly convinced by the medieval world in this stunning work. I am reminded of great books such as those of Zoe Oldenbourg. And, move over Bernard Cornwell!' Historical Novel Society

The author writes his scenes so powerfully... It's that level of writing skill that helps this book stand apart from the crowd' Parmenion Books

'A vivid snapshot of 14th-century Normandy life in all its bloody, gritty glory by a great story-teller. Historical fiction heaven!' The Bookbag

Gilman is a master author. His books are meticulously researched and historically accurate whilst at the same time being thrilling and suspenseful... in the same class as Bernard Cornwell' Army Rumour Service.

This novel is, to put it simply, marvellous. The early Hundred Years War brought alive in all its violence, chaos and valiance... It's not often military historical fiction moves me to tears but this book managed it' For Winter Nights.

'Brilliant, really brings across the brutality of the period, an author at the top of his game' Mark Kearney, Goodreads

I loved the story and felt I was taken back to medieval times with the descriptions... A great story' Comet BabesBooks

'I would recommend this book if you want to get lost in history and the drama of the battle!' The Lilac Linnet

'An excellently written book with descriptions so clear that throughout the entire story I genuinely felt I was standing next to Thomas Blackstone. It gives an excellent insight to a very turbulent time in France's history and how it affected the people who lived there' Book Lover Worm Blog

'Like a punch from a mailed fist, Master of War gives a true taste of the Hundred Years War. It is a gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty. The stench and harshness of medieval life is ever present' Robert Fabbri, bestselling author of the Vespasian series

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