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Head of Zeus
The Bull Slayer
01 Jul 2013 * EBOOK * £4.49 * 9781781852682

Roman governor Pliny the Younger faces betrayal and death in a remote frontier province.

Fiction / FFH (Crime Fiction)
Extent: 304 pages
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Roman Games
Also in Roman Games series
The Bull SlayerRoman Games, 2Bruce Macbain


The frontier province of Bithynia is a cesspit of sedition, rotten with corruption and seething with hatred of Rome. When a rich Roman official is found dead on a desolate hillside; two riderless horses tethered in a nearby wood, it is assumed he was killed as a protest against Emperor Trajan's unlimited power.

But Pliny the Younger, newly appointed Governor of Bithynia, is not so sure.

Who was the other rider? What were the two of them doing in the middle of nowhere? And what links this murder to a secret cult of the Persian sun god, Mithras – the Bull Slayer?

Bruce Macbain holds a BA in Classics from the University of Chicago and a PhD. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania. He has taught Greek and Roman history at Vanderbilt and Boston University. He lives with his wife in Brookline, MA.

'Roman Games is brilliant. A brutal vision of Rome, rigid with hierarchy and fear.' Robert Fabbri

'Macbain leads the reader down the mean and dirty streets of Rome. Sure to appeal to fans of Steven Saylor' Library Journal

'Inspired... A highly atmospheric and absorbing murder mystery that builds to an earthshaking climax.' Steven Saylor

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