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Head of Zeus
To Kill For
11 Sep 2014 * EBOOK * £4.49 * 9781781853405

A poignant thriller about love, revenge and redemption set in the savage ganglands of East London.

Fiction / FH (Thrillers)
Extent: 304 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
To Die For
To Fight For
Also in The Killing Machine series
To Kill ForThe Killing Machine, 2by Phillip Hunter

Ex-boxer, ex-paratrooper, Joe once had meaning in his life. People who cared for him, people who needed him. Then he lost everything, and now he is a hitman for London's most vicious criminals.

Brenda was the only woman who ever loved him. The only woman who believed he could escape the underworld. She died protecting others: now Joe wants revenge on her killers. With nothing left to lose, Joe prepares for the fight of his life...

This is a poignant thriller about love, revenge and redemption from a superb new voice in British crime.

Phillip Hunter has a degree in English Literature from Middlesex University and an MA in Screenwriting form the London Institute. He was part of the team that sequenced the human genome.

'There is always room for thrillers that are cut to the bone and which waste not a word in delivering unputdownable narratives. Phillip Hunter's To Kill For is unquestionably in that estimable territory' The Good Book Guide

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