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Head of Zeus
To Fight For
05 Nov 2015 * EBOOK * £5.99 * 9781781853443

A poignant thriller about revenge and redemption in the ganglands of London's east end.

Fiction / FF (Crime Fiction)
Extent: 336 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
To Die For
To Kill For
Also in The Killing Machine series
To Fight ForThe Killing Machine, 3by Phillip Hunter

Fighting is all he knows.

Before he became an assassin in London's underworld, Joe was a bare-knuckle boxer. Before that he was a soldier in the British army. But nothing prepared him for this.

Revenge drives him forward.

On the streets of East London, a turf war is raging. And Joe has no choice but to join the fight. It's the only way he can find out what happened to the woman he loved – the only way he can bring her killers to justice.

Either they die, or he does...

Phillip Hunter has a degree in English Literature from Middlesex University and an MA in Screenwriting form the London Institute. He was part of the team that sequenced the human genome.

'Grabs you by the throat from the very first line' Falcata Times

'A taut thriller about betrayal, vengeance and redemption' Shotsmag

Great noirish atmosphere... perfect for fans of gritty crime fiction' Booklist

'Once again Phillip Hunter has written a pacey crime thriller that hits all the right buttons for the fans of the genre. A fantastic character' Library Thing

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