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Donovan Creed Omnibus 1-8
25 Oct 2012 * EBOOK * £8.99 * 9781781854341

ALL eight bestselling Donovan Creed books in a single hi-octane volume.

Fiction / FH (Thrillers)
Extent: 1920 pages
Exclusive: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG   Not for sale: CA US
Donovan Creed Foursome  5-8
Donovan Creed Foursome 1-4
Donovan Creed Two Up 1-2
Donovan Creed Two Up 3-4
Donovan Creed Two Up 5-6
Donovan Creed Two Up 7-8
Lethal People
Lethal Experiment
Saving Rachel
Now and Then
Wish List
A Girl Like You
Vegas Moon
The Love You Crave
Also in Donovan Creed series
Donovan Creed Omnibus 1-8: Donovan Creed Books 1 to 8Donovan Creedby John Locke

All 8 instalments of John Locke's bestselling Donovan Creed novels in one volume:

1. LETHAL PEOPLE: Would you let a little girl be murdered if it saved your own family? 2. LETHAL EXPERIMENT: A total stranger offers you $100k, the only condition is that someone else has to die... 3. SAVING RACHEL: You can choose between your wife or your lover, but you can only save one... 4. NOW & THEN: Could you leave behind all you've ever known, for the life you've always wanted? 5. WISH LIST: Be careful what you wish for... 6. A GIRL LIKE YOU: Would you give up the woman you love if her death could save millions? 7. VEGAS MOON: What crimes would you commit to save your own life? 8. THE LOVE YOU CRAVE: Who would you turn to when you've betrayed everyone you love?

John Locke is a New York Times bestselling author, eighth member of the Kindle Million Sales Club, and the first self-published author in history to hit the number 1 spot on Kindle. He lives in Kentucky.

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