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Head of Zeus
Death of a She Devil
06 Apr 2017 * HARDBACK * £16.99 * 9781784979591

Sequel to The Life and Loves of a She Devil. Tyler is a new kind of 'heroine'. He's an ultra-confident, twenty-something man. But he won't be satisfied with his life until he can transition into the ultimate symbol of power and status: a woman...

Fiction / FA (Fiction)
Extent: 352 pages  Format: 228 x 145 mm
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Female Friends
The Heart Of The Country
Before the War
Why Will No-One Publish My Novel?
After the Peace
Down Among The Women
Habits of the House
Long Live The King
The New Countess
Also by Fay Weldon
Death of a She Devilby Fay Weldon

In Fay Weldon's 1983 classic, The Life and Loves of a She Devil, women fought men for power and won. But in 2018, the fight continues on a new front...

Ruth Patchett, the original She Devil, is eighty-four and keen to retire. She has worked hard to make the world as she wants it: women triumphant, men submissive. Now she is tired. Her business is done. The mantle of power and influence is up for grabs.

Who can take up the role? Valerie Valeria, hot-shot millennial and Ruth's PA, is ready and eager to inherit...

After hard times and odd jobs as a lone parent, Fay Weldon became one of the top advertising copywriters of her generation. She moved to TV drama (writing the pilot episode of the iconic series Upstairs Downstairs) then turned to novels – including the classic The Life and Loves of a She Devil and The Cloning of Joanna May. Fay's sequence of novels about the Dilberne family, which encompasses her Love and Inheritance trilogy and Before the War, draws to a close with this final instalment, After the Peace. Fay's been made a CBE for services to literature and she's currently a Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.

A blackly comic satire of feminism & transgenderism.

From one of the foremost novelists of our time.

Sequel to a novel still read and taught today.

Funny & provocative - media outrage guaranteed...

'Elegantly written, sharply perceptive and fantastically good fun' Daily Mail

'She's a queen of words. A tribal elder' Caitlin Moran

'Funny, waspish and acute ... A fierce retrospective on the achievements of the women's movement - and its cost - and a defiant hurrah for grumpy old women' The Times

'One of our very best writers' The Sunday Times

'A brilliant black comedy' Mail on Sunday Event magazine

'Fay has been incredibly vocal about transgender issues, and her new book features her trademark black humour - and some shocking twists' Closer

'A bawdy controversial read' Woman & Home

'It's good to have Fay Weldon back, poking the hornet's nest of modern feminism with her sly eye' Daily Express

'Weldon's amused defiance is irresistible' Mail on Sunday.

'Scalpel-sharp and laceratingly funny' Good Housekeeping.

'A delight to read. Each chapter has a hilarious heading, revealing Weldon's affinity with the pre-Romantic tradition of Sterne and Swift' Irish Times

'Fay Weldon's new novel is certain to be a bestseller' Catholic Herald

'I suspect Weldon couldn't care less about political correctness ... for her, it's all literary mischief' i newspaper

'A kind of coda to a brilliant literary career ... The satire is neat and very funny ... A politically incorrect novel that is at the same time deliberately indecorous in a way that will make anyone feel like a prude if they object to a comedy as swaggering in its confidence and as subtle in its observation as this ... Obviously the work of a genius' Sydney Morning Herald

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