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Head of Zeus
The Infernal Battalion
09 Jan 2018 * EBOOK * £4.99 * 9781786690654

The Beast, imprisoned beneath the fortress-city of Elysium for a thousand years, has been loosed upon the world. Military might and arcane power clash in the conclusion to the Shadow Campaigns.

Fiction / FM (Fantasy)
Extent: 512 pages
Exclusive: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG   Not for sale: CA US
The Guns of Empire
Also in The Shadow Campaigns series
The Infernal BattalionThe Shadow Campaigns, 5Django Wexler

The Beast, imprisoned beneath the fortress-city of Elysium for a thousand years, has been loosed upon the world and is spreading like a plague through the north.

Queen Raesinia Orboan and soldiers Marcus D'Ivoire and Winter Ihernglass face a betrayal they never could have foreseen: their general, Janus bet Vhalnich, has declared himself the rightful Emperor of Vordan. Chaos grips the city as officers and regiments are forced to declare for queen or emperor. As Raesinia struggles to keep her country under control, she risks becoming everything she has fought against, while Marcus must take the field against his old commander. And Winter knows that the demon she carries inside her might be the only thing standing between the Beast and the end of the world...

Django Wexler is the author of the Shadow Campaigns novels. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh with degrees in creative writing and computer science, and worked for the university in artificial intelligence research. He is also the author of a middle-grade fantasy novels, The Forbidden Library, The Mad Apprentice, and The Palace of Glass.

Epic fantasy blends military campaigning, political revolution, spy craft and magic.

Described by the author as 'either Bernard Cornwall's Sharpe with magic, or George RR Martin with guns.'

Recently named in two different Reddit r/fantasy polls as a) one of the World's best Fantasy series and b) one of the World's most under-rated Fantasy series.

'A glorious, tense, fantastic ride to an enormously satisfying conclusion. It's hard to imagine Wexler could've written a better finale for the Shadow Campaigns'

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