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Letty Fox: Her Luck
04 May 2017 * EBOOK * £7.99 * 9781786691385

Letty Fox talks us through her search for marital bliss in 1930s New York and London.

Fiction / FA (Fiction)
Extent: 624 pages
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The Man Who Loved Children
Also by Christina Stead
Letty Fox: Her LuckChristina Stead, introduction by Tim Parks

'Letty Fox: Her Luck is a fully achieved comic novel of a most original kind' ANGELA CARTER.

One hot night last spring, after waiting fruitlessly for a call from my then lover, with whom I had quarrelled the same afternoon, and finding one of my black moods on me, I flung out of my lonely room on the ninth floor (unlucky number) in a hotel in lower Fifth Avenue and rushed into the streets of the Village, feeling bad.

Letty Fox is hunting for a husband. Her picaresque adventures are brilliantly described in this imaginative portrayal of a woman who might have been independent, but chose otherwise.

Christina Stead (1902-1983) was born in Sydney but lived for most of her life outside Australia. She wrote fifteen novels and several volumes of short stories. Her most famous novel, The Man Who Loved Children (1940) is also published by Apollo.

First published in 1947, last in print 1999.

Acclaimed author of The Man Who Loved Children.

New introduction.

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'To open a book, any book, by Christina Stead and read a few pages is to be at once aware that one is in the presence of greatness ... Letty Fox: Her Luck is a fully achieved comic novel of a most original kind' Angela Carter

'Reissued as part of the Apollo imprint's mission to rescue neglected literary gems, with a brilliant introduction by Tim Parks, it is a compelling tour de force, spilling over with exuberant characters, richly observed settings an mordant wit' The Lady

'A fascinating read which gives much food for thought as well as painting some larger than life characters and settings ... Another worthwhile addition to Apollo's reprint series' Shiny New Books

'A darkly comic novel' Simple Things magazine

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