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Head of Zeus
18 May 2017 * EBOOK * £4.49 * 9781786695666

Graham Masterton taps ancient mythology and contemporary horror in this thrilling, chilling novel.

Fiction / FK (Horror)
Extent: 252 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
Also by Graham Masterton
Edgewise: page-turning horror from a true masterby Graham Masterton

Confront the power of a spirit betrayed.

Successful realtor Lily Blake is disturbed in the middle of the night by two masked men who break into her home and kidnap her two children. The FBI can't find them, so Lily turns to Native American PI John Shooks. He asks a Sioux shaman to summon up the Indian spirit, Wendigo, to find them.

But Lily's firm is trying to sell land that once belonged to the Sioux. Now Lily must enter the destructive, cannibalistic world of the Wendigo where she will learn that you should never underestimate the power and force of a spirit betrayed...

'One of the most original and frightening storytellers of our time' PETER JAMES.
'A true master of horror' JAMES HERBERT.

Graham Masterton is best known as a writer of horror and thrillers, but his career as an author spans many genres, including historical epics and sex-advice books. His first horror novel, The Manitou, became a bestseller and was made into a film starring Tony Curtis. In 2019, Graham was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Horror Writers Association. He is also the author of the Katie Maguire series of crime thrillers, which have sold more than 1.5 million copies worldwide.

Masterton has sold 10 million copies worldwide.

Master of the horror genre: vivid, gripping and disturbing.

Author of the bestselling Katie Maguire series.

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