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Head of Zeus
01 Apr 2018 * EBOOK * £3.99 * 9781788547017

The final, gripping, installment in The Invincibles series. The decisive duel for the Empire. Will Octavian succeed in cementing his reign?

Fiction / FJH (Action & Adventure)
Extent: 466 pages
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Also in Rome's Invincibles series
Conquest: An epic historical adventure novelRome's Invincibles, 4by Andrea Frediani

The final, gripping, instalment in The Invincibles series.

Octavian has revenged Caesar's name, and defeated the pirate Sextus Pompeius, but now he must ensure his complete rule of Rome.

He feels the potential of betrayal around every corner: from his wife Livia, to his best friends and allies Maecenas and Agrippa. He needs heirs, and he needs security, but he has the shadow of Mark Anthony breathing down his neck from Egypt.

Will Octavian succeed in this, the definitive duel for the Empire of Rome, or will he destroy everything he's achieved in the process?

Andrea Frediani is an Italian author and academic. He has published several non-fiction books as well as historical novels including the Invincible series and the Dictator trilogy. His works have been translated into seven languages. His website is

Author has sold more than 900,000 copies.

Translated into five languages.

Winner of the Bancarella prize.

MARKET: Simon Scarrow; Ben Kane.

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