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The World Aflame
14 May 2020 * HARDBACK * £25 * 9781788547789

A visually stunning history of global conflict from 1914 to 1945, from Dan Jones and Marina Amaral – the team who created The Colour of Time.

Non Fiction / HBLW (Modern History)
Extent: 448 pages  Format: 246 x 189 mm Illus: 200 integrated colour
Exclusive: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG   Not for sale: CA US
The Colour of Time: A New History of the World, 1850-1960
Also by Dan Jones, Marina Amaral
The World Aflame: The Long War, 1914-1945by Dan Jones, by Marina Amaral

'Purists argue that colourising black and white photographs is sacrilege, but the world has always been in colour. Truth be told, monochrome is a contrivance. Human experience is always colourful' The Times.

The epic, harrowing and world-changing story – in words and colourized images – of global conflict from the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand to the obliteration of Hiroshima by the dropping of the first atom bomb. The World Aflame will embrace not only the total conflagrations of 1914-18 and 1939-45 and the international tensions, conflicting ideologies and malign economic forces that set them in train, but also the civil wars of the interwar period in Ireland and Spain, wars in Latin America, Britain's imperial travails in such places as Ireland, Somalia and Palestine, and events on the domestic 'fronts' of the belligerent nations.

Like The Colour of Time, The World Aflame is a collaboration between the gifted Brazilian artist Marina Amaral, and the leading British historian Dan Jones. Marina has created 200 stunning images, using contemporary photographs as the basis for her full-colour digital renditions. The accompanying narrative anchors each image in its context, weaving them into a vivid account of four decades of conflict that shaped the world we live in today.

A fusion of amazing pictures and well-chosen and informative words, The World Aflame offers a moving – and often terrifying – perspective on the bloodiest century in human history.



'The most breathtakingly colourised black-and-white pictures ever' Daily Mail.

'I have long considered colourisation sacrilege ... after reading this book, I've changed my mind' The Times.

'[The Colour of Time] does something simple yet extraordinary. It takes black-and-white photos of historic events and colours them in. The effect is transformative' Daily Telegraph.

'A stunning book ... Quite extraordinary' The Bookseller.

'There is something of The Wizard of Oz about Marina Amaral's photographs. She whisks us from black-and-white Kansas to shimmering Technicolor Oz ... When you see Amaral's coloured portraits, you think: phwoar! ... She changes the way we see a period or a person' Spectator.

'The effect of colour is far more transformative than you might imagine ... [Amaral's] touched-up photographs look even more realistic, and closer to life, than a photograph taken yesterday ... Extraordinary' Mail on Sunday.

'Pictures brought to life as you've never seen them before' Sunday Post.

'[Amaral] breathes new life, immediacy and human connection into black-and-white pictures. Even familiar shots are transformed in a breathtaking way ... Even the casual reader leafing through these pages will be stopped in their tracks, connected to people from the past like never before – at last, in living colour' Irish News.

'Jones sketches with wry economy not only the historical context but the purpose of the photograph, from documented reality to shameless propaganda, from official portrait to candid snap ... There is much to enjoy here. As a history book, it acts as a fleeting guide to a tumultuous century. But as an aesthetic experiment it is remarkably successful' Daily Express.

'What also elevates The Colour of Time above regular coffee table fare is the startling vivacity and impact of the photographs chosen, and the concise but focused and gripping texts by Jones, making the book a worthwhile cover-to-cover read as much as it serves as a showcase book to dip into at will' All About History.

Dan Jones is the Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of ten non-fiction books, including The Templars, The Colour of Time and Powers and Thrones. He is a renowned writer, broadcaster and journalist, and has for many years wanted to write authentic but action-packed historical fiction. His debut novel, Essex Dogs, is the first in a planned trilogy following the fortunes of ten ordinary soldiers in the early years of the Hundred Years' War. He lives near London with his family.
Marina Amaral is a talented digital colourist. Her work has featured on the BBC and in the Evening Standard, Washington Post and Le Figaro and she has collaborated with the History Channel, PBS, English Heritage and the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum. In 2021, Marina was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 List.

The gift book for Christmas 2020.

The story in 200 amazing images and well-chosen words, of global conflict across the period 1914-1945.

THE COLOUR OF TIME, by the same authors, was a Top Five Sunday Times bestseller.

MARKET: The Colour of Time, The Art Book and Century.

'For the first time, we are seeing the scenes in colour as images from a new book show how much changes but how much stays the same as history unfolds. Covering the years between 1914-1945, The World Aflame shows the planet gripped by wars, the rise of right-wing governments and a deadly pandemic' Sunday Post

'You may need a strong stomach for some of the images, but they are immensely vivid, and Jones's text is crisp' Sunday Times

'Amaral's colourisation process is most moving when applied to pictures of children. The addition of eye colour, skin tone, freckles – suddenly, they look like children you might know. And children, especially, relate to her colourised pictures because they are witnessing a reality that is more similar to their own, she says ... To see it more as the photographer saw it, and the way it actually was. The photographer might not have had the choice, or the technology, to take a picture in colour. But looking through the viewfinder, that's what they saw; the past – even its grimmest, darkest hours – was not in black and white' Guardian

'The world is fragile. It takes less than we think to set it aflame." So the historian Dan Jones writes, striking unintended contemporary parallels in his introduction to his second collaboration with the artist Marina Amaral, after The Colour of Time. In The World Aflame, the events of the first and second world wars – the so-called long war – are brought to vivid, startling life thanks to Amaral's skill at colourising contemporary images' Observer

'Iconic photos of the First World War and WWII, as well as the intervening conflicts, have been brought to life in colour and given a new perspective to the bloodiest half-century in history' Daily Mail

'While many can claim to show you Winston Churchill as he's never been seen before, this photograph is perhaps a true first' Discover Britain

'To see Winston Churchill's youthful freckly face in 1911 is revelatory. In a single image, we see how far the journey was from a somewhat gadabout sea lord to Our National Saviour' Daily Express

Stunning' People's Friend

'Amaral has raised the game in terms of colourising historical images, carefully researching each of the book's 200 pictures before adding the colour digitally ... The book is frequently stark and sometimes bleak. But this is a testament to the quality of Amaral's work, and its effect on the human eye' Military History.

'Jones's commentaries are small miracles of compression ... Amaral's achievement in bringing colour as 'an emotional enhancing agent' to these photographs is extraordinary' World of Interiors.

'Marina Amaral’s colourised images, taken between the first and second world wars, bring history to life in breathtaking Technicolor. Although, actually, Amaral's palette is far more nuanced and beautiful than that' Financial Times

'You may feel that you have seen it all before; this book triumphantly suggests otherwise' Daily Mail

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