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Flowers of the Field
03 Oct 2019 * HARDBACK * £30 * 9781789540543

An illustrated exploration of Britain's wild flowers, from the science and natural history producer and filmmaker Steve Nicholls.

Non Fiction / WNP (Natural History)
Extent: 448 pages  Format: 240 x 170 mm Illus: 100 integrated colour
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Flowers of the Field: Meadow, Moor and Woodlandby Steve Nicholls

From the machair grasslands of the Outer Hebrides to the chalk cliffs of Kent, and from the dense pinewoods of Abernethy forest to the wetlands of the Fens of eastern England, Britain offers a richly varied array of habitats for our wild flowers.

The distinguished science and natural history producer and filmmaker Steve Nicholls presents a visually stunning survey of Britain's best-loved wildflowers, illustrated with the his own beautiful photographs of flora in their habitat. Focusing on three broad habitats – grassland, open land and woodland – he offers a biologically rigorous but engagingly readable account of our wild flowers and the places that nourish them.

He probes deep into the social and cultural history of wild flowers to tell a plethora of fascinating stories, from the 'daffodil trains' which transported Londoners to the 'golden triangle' in Gloucestershire to experience woodlands carpeted with wild daffodils, to the odd case of the Bath asparagus – which isn't an asparagus at all, but rather the edible flower buds of the rare spiked star of Bethlehem, which used to grow in abundance around Bath.

Steve Nicholls is an award-winning television documentary producer and director based in Bristol. He holds a PhD in dragonflies from the University of Bristol and is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society of London. He has spent thirty years making wildlife films, including ten with the BBC Natural History Unit, and his plant photographs have won several awards in the prestigious International Garden Photographer of the Year competition. Nicholls is the author of Paradise Found: Nature in America at the Time of Discovery and Flowers of the Field: A Secret History of Meadow, Moor and Woodland.

A wonderful illustrated survey of the science of Britain's plants and of the habitats that produce them.

Illustrated throughout with beautiful images of wild flowers.

The perfect gift for gardeners and for anyone who loves Britain's flora.

MARKET: Richard Mabey; Sarah Raven.

'Each of the 14 plant types, from bluebells and lilies to orchids and sundews is examined, explaining the fascinating science behind how they survive and thrive in the wild, to the remarkable social and cultural history of each, and how we have woven them into our national heritage' Garden News

[A] beautifully produced book... Substantial and well-informed... The author has a light touch and, while it might at first glance look like a book for the coffee table, it is definitely a book worth a closer read' The Garden

Steve Nicholls is an expert guide, leading us across meadows blooming with buttercups and orchids... He presents a visually stunning, readable and scientifically rigorous survey of Britain's wildflowers' Countryside

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