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Head of Zeus
07 Jul 2022 * TRADE PAPERBACK * £15.99 * 9781800240933

Amelia's dreams come true when she is offered the chance to adopt baby Grace. But then Michelle decides she wants her daughter back, and it's up to the courts to decide. What is best for Grace – a mother's love, or a stable home?

Fiction / FA (Fiction)
Extent: 464 pages  Format: 229 x 148 mm
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Also by Victoria Scott
Graceby Victoria Scott

The gripping and heartbreaking second novel by the author of BA Book of the Month and LoveReading Debut of the Month Patience.

She gave you her baby. Now she wants her back.

Nineteen-year-old Michelle has had a tough life, to say the least. Then she gets pregnant. She is convinced she would be a terrible mother but having grown up in care, she cannot bring herself to subject her child to the same fate.

Amelia and her husband have dreamed of having a family for years, but have lost all hope after the worst kind of tragedy. Then they are offered the chance to adopt baby Grace, and it feels like they finally have everything they've ever wanted.

But then Michelle decides she wants her daughter back, and it's up to the courts to decide. What is best for Grace – a mother's love, or a stable home? Whatever the ruling, one thing is certain: neither woman's life will ever be the same again...

Praise for Victoria Scott:
'Beautiful... Heart-wrenching. A wonderful gem of a book' Eve Ainsworth, author of Duckling
'Warm and real and heart-breaking all at the same time. I loved it' Clare Swatman

Victoria Scott has been a journalist for almost two decades, working for a wide variety of outlets including the BBC, Al Jazeera, Time Out, Doha News and the Telegraph, and she is also a Faber Academy graduate. She lives near London with her husband and two children, and works as a freelance journalist, media trainer and journalism tutor. Patience is her first novel.

Victoria Scott's first novel PATIENCE was the Booksellers Association Book of the Month.

It was also a LoveReading Debut of the Month and Book Club Recommendation.

Victoria Scott is a former BBC broadcast journalist.

MARKET: Clare Mackintosh (After the End); Jodi Picoult; Josie Lloyd.

'Sensitively written, with complex characters, the story covers hard-hitting themes as the reader is taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride with an ending that makes it all worthwhile!' Candis

'Inspired by truth, Patience and her family come alive on the pages. I felt every single emotion with them' Alice Peterson, author of Monday to Friday Man.
'An extraordinary novel about love and hope and family and what happens in the space between the words. I adored it' Kirsten Hesketh, author of Another Us.
'An eye-opening, sincere and beautiful debut. A really special novel that I suspect will have a tangible effect on readers' NB Magazine.
'Absorbing, poignant story of a family's emotional rollercoaster in the aftermath of participating in a risky medical trial'

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