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Head of Zeus
This Alien Shore
01 Nov 2020 * EBOOK * £0.99 * 9781800245372

The first novel in a space opera duo set in the second age of stellar colonization.

Fiction / FLS (Science Fiction)
Extent: 592 pages
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This Virtual Night
Also in The Outworlds series
This Alien ShoreThe Outworlds, 1by C.S. Friedman

The first novel in a space opera duo set in the second age of stellar colonization.

It is the second age of stellar colonization.The first age ended in disaster when it was discovered that superluminal travel inflicted permanent genetic damage to all who used it – mutating Earth's far-flung colonists in body and mind. Earth abandoned them. But some of the colonies survived, and a new 'Outworld' civilization of 'Variants' has germinated. They have given humanity back the stars, but at a high price – a monopoly over all commerce.

Following a corporate raid on a remote satellite, an unusual young woman flees for the Up-and-Out. But her narrow escape does not mean safety. For speeding across the galaxy pursued by ruthless, but unknown adversaries, this young woman will discover a secret which is buried deep inside her psyche – a revelation the universe may not be ready to face...

An acknowledged master of dark fantasy and science fiction alike, C.S. Friedman is a John W. Campbell award finalist, and the author of the highly acclaimed Coldfire Trilogy, New York Times Notable Book of the Year This Alien Shore, In Conquest Born, The Madness Season, The Wilding, The Magister Trilogy and the Dreamwalker series. Friedman worked for twenty years as a professional costume designer, but retired from that career in 1996 to focus on her writing. She lives in Virginia, and can be contacted via her website,

MARKET: Cordwainer Smith; Frank Herbert; Samuel R. Delaney.

'C.S. Friedman borrows some big ideas from writers like Cordwainer Smith, Frank Herbert, and Samuel R. Delaney, and runs with them. Instead of stumbling under the burden, she succeeds in making the material her own' New York Times

Friedman keeps her tale moving at a vigorous pace that's boosted through an abundance of well-chosen details... It is likely to hold readers' interest tenaciously' Publishers Weekly

'Once again Ms. Friedman offers us great richness in both concept and detail, ingeniously weaving together two strong plotlines and piquant characters into a superior reading experience' Romantic Times

'A wide-ranging, action-packed space opera. This Alien Shore is guaranteed to entertain those who like to be swept up in an adventure with lots of characters, dangers, and revelations' Science Fiction Chronicle

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