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The Book About Everything
16 Jun 2022 * TRADE PAPERBACK * £14.99 * 9781801104395

To celebrate the centenary of Ulysses's publication, eighteen artists, writers and thinkers each respond to an episode of James Joyce's classic modernist novel.

Non Fiction / DQ (Anthologies)
Extent: 432 pages  Format: 234 x 153 mm
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The Book About Everything: Eighteen Artists, Writers and Thinkers on James Joyce's Ulyssesedited by Declan Kiberd, edited by Enrico Terrinoni, edited by Catherine Wilsdon

To celebrate the centenary of the publication of Ulysses, the most important literary work of the twentieth century, eighteen artists, writers and thinkers respond to an episode each of the great modernist text.

Each essayist is an expert in one of the subjects treated in the novel, but what brings them together is a common love of Ulysses.

Joseph O'Connor considers the music-saturated Sirens episode and David McWilliams writes about the bigotry and violence of nationalism on display in Cyclops. Irish obstetrician Rhona Mahony responds to Oxen and the Sun, set in a maternity hospital, journalist Lara Marlowe examines the Aeolus episode, which takes place in a newspaper office, and Irish philosopher Richard Kearney reflects on the erudite musings of Stephen Dedalus as he walks along Sandymount strand.

The Book About Everything counters the perception of Ulysses as the sole preserve of academics and instead showcases readers' responses to the book. It is a vivid, even eccentric collection, filled with life and Joycean spirit.

Declan Kiberd is Ireland's greatest living critic, internationally celebrated for his work on literature and colonialism. He is the author of Inventing Ireland, Ulysses and Us and Irish Classics. He has won many literary prizes and is currently Professor of English at the University of Notre Dame in the USA.
Enrico Terrinoni is Professor of English Literature, University of Perugia, the Italian translator of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, and President of the James Joyce Italian Foundation.
Catherine Wilsdon is Keough-Naughton Programme Manager and Lecturer in Irish Literature, University of Notre Dame.

2022 was the centenary of the publication of ULYSSES and Bloomsday (the annual commemoration of James Joyce in Dublin) occurs in June.

The contributing writers come from a variety of backgrounds and specialisms, and many are high-profile names.

The essays will be accessible readers' responses, bringing literary criticism of Joyce outside the academic sphere to a broader audience.

MARKET: Ulysses; Ulysses and Us; Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know; Writers on Writers; Edna O'Brien.

'Can profitably be read by anyone with an interest in Joyce... Illuminating insights underscore that Ulysses will continue to be a touchstone into its second century' Irish Times

'Show[s] Ulysses is not the sole preserve of academics' Big Issue North

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