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Head of Zeus
06 Jan 2022 * EBOOK * £4.99 * 9781838931469

Dan Raglan, former Foreign Legion, alias The Englishman, takes on Washington, DC and central America in a new international thriller.

Fiction / FH (Thrillers)
Extent: 544 pages
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The Englishman
Also in The Englishman series
Betrayal: a high-octane international thriller from the author of The EnglishmanThe Englishman, 2by David Gilman

Dan Raglan, former Foreign Legion fighter, alias The Englishman, returns. The new high-octane international thriller from David Gilman.

Someone's trying to start a war. And Raglan's just walked into the kill zone.

It has been many years since Dan Raglan served in the French Foreign Legion, but the bonds forged in adversity are unbreakable and when one of his comrades calls for help, Raglan is duty-bound to answer.

An ex-legionnaire, now an intelligence officer at the Pentagon, disappears. He leaves only this message: should he ever go missing, contact Raglan. But Raglan's not the only one looking for the missing man. From the backstreets of Marseilles, Raglan finds himself following a trail of death that will lead him to Florida, to a Vietnam vet in Washington D.C., and into the heart of a bitter battle in the upper echelons of the US intelligence community.

Pursued by both the CIA and a rogue female FBI agent, Raglan's search will place him in the cross hairs of an altogether more lethal organisation. He finds himself in the midst of deadly conspiracy, and on a journey to a fatal confrontation deep in the Honduran rainforest.

Reviews for David Gilman:

'An author at the zenith of his powers' Peter James
'Raglan is nicely complex: an action man with inner depths' Financial Times

David Gilman has enjoyed many careers, including paratrooper, firefighter, and photographer. An award-winning author and screenwriter, he is the author of the critically acclaimed Master of War series of historical novels, and was shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize for The Last Horseman. He was longlisted for the same prize for The Englishman, the first book featuring ex-French Foreign Legionnaire Dan Raglan. David lives in Devon. Follow David on @davidgilmanuk

40,000 copies of THE ENGLISHMAN sold to date. Plus 500,000 of David's historical fiction books.

Author was shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize for The Last Horseman.

Master of War series now sells in Spain, USA, Brazil – and is a German bestseller.

MARKET: Lee Child; Wilbur Smith; Ant Middleton.

'Hard to put down' Daily Express

'It's well plotted, believable, and Gilman's ace at bringing locations to life' The Sun, 4 stars

'A pleasingly old-style take on the action genre' The Times

'A vividly intense spy thriller overflowing with courage, resourceful smarts, and a whole host of furious combative encounters' LoveReading

'It's a masterfully crafted thriller that grips from the first page until the explosive last' Sunday Express

'A top-class action thriller that grabs your attention from the first page and doesn't let up for an instant' Choice Magazine

'The Devon-based author's hero is a veritable one-man army – think Lee Child's Jack Reacher, except English – combining a lethal resilience with a fiery determination to see justice served' Newslanes

'Packed with intrigue, shocks and bone-crunching fight scenes. It's a masterfully crafted thriller that grips from the first page' Daily Record

'The story is slower paced than its predecessor The Englishman, which gives more time to develop Raglan's persona and his relationships with others' Financial Times

'Old fashioned and accessible in the best possible sense' i news

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