Accused: A living jacket

It was quite a surprise for me when I first saw the cover of Accused. Not only because I found it beautiful, but also because I wondered how my English publisher guessed exactly where my favourite place in Siciliy was – Piazza Duomo in Ortigia, Syracuse.

I live in Palermo which is the capital of Sicily and a very fascinating and peculiar city. There is the place where the tales of the Corsaro brothers – the main characters of Accused – are set. In this novel, Roberto Corsaro, whilst struggling to save his brother Fabrizio from imprisonment, travels around Sicily, following the path of an ancient secret.

During his journey, Mr Corsaro arrives to Ortigia, the beautiful island in the ancient heart of Syracuse. A place that is in fact the part of Sicily I love the most – the square in particular, Piazza Duomo and its white buildings. There you find can the Dome, the temple of Syracusan Church, founded by Saint Peter himself and visited by Saint Paul. Moreover, there is also the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia, where you can see the amazing 'Burial of Saint Lucy' by Caravaggio.

I went back there last weekend and a friend of mine took this picture of me. The first 'living jacket' of a book of mine.

Enjoy, with my best regards from Sicily.  

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