Aria welcomes Adele O'Neill

I couldn’t have been happier when I heard that an office full of adults sobbed because of me, not because I am wicked or have a malicious streak coursing through my veins but because it was confirmation that the story I had sent to Caroline and the team at Aria, had made them cry just as much as it did me.

I’m contracted to write three books, number one is finished and will be released in July, number two is well under way and on schedule for release in 2018 and number three is but a figment of my imagination just yet, however there is a character in book one that is tormenting me for another gig, I might just give in to him.

My debut novel (which had them all sobbing uncontrollably) will be released in August with the cover reveal in the Aria May Newsletter so mark it on your calendar, I’ve had a sneak peek and it’s awesome.

It’s is a character driven story of survival, sibling loyalty and the lengths people will go to, to protect the ones we love. Alternating between the grim emptiness of 1970 on a farm in Kilkenny and a more liberated and tolerant Dublin in 2016, the story gently unravels a host of dark family secrets, thread by thread, revealing a harrowing past for Rose Fitzpatrick and her older brother Tim.

Growing up in Ireland, I was immersed in the rich tradition of story-telling and writing, using any opportunity I could to read. I have a particular fondness for fiction that is realistic and relatable and attribute my love of books to my dad. I remember, from a very early age being dispatched to the local library, to pick books in genres that would suit every member of the family including my grandparents. I quickly learned what would charm a busy mind as I scanned through the blurbs of thousands of books across all different genres to find just the perfect story. The librarians became complicit in my endeavors by allowing me to inscribe a secret symbol in the backs of books so I wouldn’t choose the same book twice. I still look in the backs of books today in libraries and second hand book shops in the hope of finding one. 
Being a member of the Wexford Literary Festival committee, I am constantly surrounded by creative types so don’t have very far to go to get inspired. As part of the many duties, I run their twitter account, you can follow @wexfordlitfest or you can tweet me personally on @adeleoneill10. 

I write at home in Arklow, Co. Wicklow overlooking the Irish Sea. Having worked in Dublin and the U.K. since leaving college, I convinced my husband that we should move back to my home town for my first maternity leave. Fourteen years and two teenage daughters later, we are still here!


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