Aria welcomes Carys Jones

We are so excited at Aria HQ to introduce Carys Jones, author of psychological thriller, WRONG NUMBER, publishing with us in January 2017!

Welcome, Carys!

Recently I signed a four book deal with Aria. And I’m so thrilled and excited but now comes the scary part – introducing myself to all the Aria Addicts out there. I’m used to hiding behind my books. Like a lot of other writers I can be painfully shy but here goes…

My name is Carys Jones. I live in Shropshire with my husband, my one eyed guinea pig, Roger, and beloved canine companion, Rollo. Whenever I’m not writing I’m either walking Rollo through the woods near my house or indulging in a Gilmore Girls marathon on Netflix.

As I mentioned I’m contracted to write four books with Aria. The first, Wrong Number, is being released at the start of next year. I’m currently working on its sequel which will come out in the summer of 2017.

I love all the books I’ve written but I’m especially proud of Wrong Number. The heroine of the story, Amanda Thorn, has been one of my favourite characters to write. She’s feisty, strong willed and brave. And also addicted to the online world she visits on her laptop. The latter part is definitely like me.

Her husband, Will, is also a hero of sorts. He’s built like an oak tree and Amanda can’t help but feel safe and protected around him. But how well do we ever really know someone else? Even after exchanging rings, vows, and building a life together?

Wrong Number is loosely based on real events. I need to emphasize the loosely part! When I first moved into my current house I kept getting calls for a guy called Paul. The caller always seemed in disbelief when I told them, repeatedly, that no one by that name lived here. Even today, two years on I often come home to find messages on my answerphone for Paul.

What’s bizarre is that I kept the landline number from my old house and never used to get calls for Paul at my previous address…

The calls got me thinking…what if Paul really did live in my house.  What if my husband wasn’t the man I thought he was at all?? And thus Wrong Number was born. I hope that everyone loves reading the story as much as I loved writing it.

And Paul, if you’re out there, please stop giving people the wrong number ; )


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