Aria welcomes Lisa Hobman

A passion for writing is something that gripped me from a very young age. But as time went on, the opportunity to put pen to paper became less and less. However, a move from Yorkshire, north of the border to Scotland in 2012 changed all of that. During a visit to the west coast of Scotland, and specifically to the little stone bridge at Clachan Seil, the idea for my debut novel popped in to my head. I told my hubby all about the idea and he encouraged me to give writing a go once again. 

Initially the story was written just to prove to myself that I could accomplish something as big as a novel and I never anticipated sharing it with anyone else. But when friends and family discovered what I was doing I was encouraged to let them read it. Feeling rather anxious, I agreed and the feedback blew me away! My story had made people laugh, cry and fall in love with the place that holds a special place in my heart. Knowing this spurred me on to submit it to publishers. No one was more shocked and delighted than I to hear from an American company who were interested to publish my debut novel. But then in 2014 I found myself at the Romantic Novelists Association RoNAs as a shortlisted candidate in the Contemporary Romance category. Being there amongst my favourite authors was surreal to say the least but what an amazing experience; one I will never forget.

The latest part of my rollercoaster writing journey began with an email from my agent Tracy at Trace Literary Agency with the fantastic news that Aria Fiction was offering me a three book publishing contract. To say I was over the moon would be an understatement! Since then I’ve been working with Caroline Ridding and the wonderful team at Aria and I'm so excited for my first book, A Seaside Escape, to be published by them in October this year. Watch this space for the stunning cover reveal, happening August 25th. The cover designer has created the perfect image for the story!

Since that fateful trip to the Highlands I have written and published thirteen stories and I can’t wait to see where they take me next and I’m grateful to Aria Fiction for being alongside me on the journey.

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