Cast Wish List For Another Day In Winter!

Many of the reviews for Another Day In Winter have mentioned that it would make the perfect Christmas movie. Not that I tend to get carried away and over-optimistic, but I really hope it makes it to the big screen because my pals love a great night out and we’ve never been to a premier. I’ve got a sequined frock that’s just crying out for a night on the town.

And who would I want to star in it? Obviously most of the cast is Scottish, and I absolutely adore Kelly MacDonald, Rose Leslie and Karen Gillan, so I’d be thrilled to see one of them play single mum, Chrissie, who has finally decided to take her love life out of hibernation. I’m not above bribery, so if anyone knows them, or any of the actors mentioned in this wish list, please send them this book and I’ll take you with us to the premiere.

If Gerard Butler has time for a cameo, and fancies playing a middle-aged, self-centred, shallow arse of a father, then the role of Norry is made for him. And I’d marry him off to Shirley Manson, actress and lead singer of Garbage, who would not only be fabulous as Rosemary, but she could start sing songs to pass the time on set.

Shauna has a special place in my heart. No stranger to tragedy, she first appeared in The Story Of Our Life. Now she’s travelling from London to Glasgow to track down a newly discovered branch of her family. She is strong, smart, yet scarred, and I think Gemma Arterton or Carey Mulligan would bring her to life with that indefinable blend of toughness and vulnerability.

Isla Fisher and Kate Beckinsdale have the sass and style to be the straight talking force of nature that is Shauna’s fiery best friend, Lulu (no, not the one who had a hit with Shout in the sixties).

The older characters are harder to cast because the story flashes back to their younger days. Laura Fraser would be wonderful as Flora and Dougray Scott or Angus MacFadyen would fill George’s slippers to a tee, although they’d all need some wizardry make up to age them to Flora and George’s vintage in their later years.

Since this is my fantasy cast, I’m going to dream big and say that Helen Mirren and Elaine C Smith would embrace the sharp tongues of the dynamic duo, Josie and Val. I adore Elaine, and I’m sure a rude, crude, sweary, hilarious Glaswegian is the role Helen has been waiting for all of her life. I reckon she’d have no problems mastering the accent if we took her out with us and topped off the night with a quick stop for a kebab on the way home.

Finally, Richard Madden, Sam Heughan or James McAvoy, would be entirely adorable as Tom. Gents, please get your people to call my people and I’ll save you a seat right next to me in the limo. I really hope you like a sequined frock.