Christmas is like good karma...

Christmas Magic is Like Good Karma…if you send it out, it will come right back to you!

When I was a child it all began with Santa. He made things happen. He never disappointed me, even when the things I asked for were difficult to find. For instance, as a four-year-old I wanted an old-style school register to go with the desk I hoped he would bring. My Christmas list was never a long one, because that was only a small part of what it meant to us as a family.

Of course, my mother had a hard job tracking down the all-important register, as only specialist shops stocked school stationery and they only sold in bulk. But she managed it. And that was when the magic of Christmas became real for me.

When my sons were born it was my turn to take her place and make the Christmas magic happen. And I did. I realised over the years it was the attention to detail in the decorations and the wonderful homemade Christmas meals that had made it so special for us all.

So, I keep those old traditions alive. I spend an entire day in the kitchen making mince pies and an alternative version for those who aren’t fans. But as our family has expanded, so has the physical distance between us all. It’s no longer possible to get everyone around one table at the same time and we end up having three separate Christmases.

Does it matter? Well, no, I’ve come to discover. Each is a celebration, because it always is when family gather together. The fact that they don’t all take place on Christmas Day doesn’t really matter. Life has changed in ways my four-year-old self, and my lovely mum, could not have comprehended.

But one thing remains constant. I realise that what she taught me was that people create the magic at Christmas, like Santa’s helpers spreading the joy and goodwill.
In the same way that thinking of other people and doing whatever you can when someone needs help - or comfort - spreads good karma, Christmas is no different. It’s a gift simply to make someone feel special by including them.

I will continue to trim up on the first of December and start playing those Christmas, feel-good oldies. Why not? And the message I send out is that festive happiness doesn’t have a price tag because it isn’t about money. It’s about the love, the laughter, the little things. It’s a message the younger generation embrace and when the presents are long gone, what they will remember are the silly games we played. The fun pulling crackers before dinner and taking it in turns to share the awful jokes.

When it comes to writing Christmas stories I simply conjure up those heart-warming memories and weave some of my own experience of the magic into each tale. And life experience has taught me that not all Christmases will be wonderful. When we lose someone, it will feel like Christmas will never, ever be the same again.

It won’t, of course, but life is a circle, constantly renewing itself as new generations join the Christmas table. In celebrating we are also paying homage to those who remain in our hearts forever. The challenge is whether we have what it takes to make that Christmas magic happen all over again. And I know that we do!

Here’s to a Christmas full of love, laughter and goodwill to all men. Spend less, hug more. And laugh.