A Christmas story...at last!

I’m so delighted to tell you a little about my new novel, What Happened To Us?  You will have probably already guessed that this is a Christmas read from the lovely spangly cover my publishers have designed for it. It is just gorgeous, isn’t it?

If you’ve read my books before, you’ll know that I’ve written two books very much set against the back drop of the Irish summer – (some might argue, it’s not all that different to the Irish winter!) and a third that bursts into the New Year. The truth is, that for the last few years, I’ve been itching to write a Christmas book – just one, I told myself and then... I’ll be happy!
Well, this Christmas book took a little while to arrive. You see, to write a Christmas book, you have to start at the other end of the year. It’s all very well, writing about snow on the ground, carollers on the corner and the aroma of cooking rich porter cakes, but in July that just feels all wrong to me.

Not that I’m not a winter person.  Like most readers and by extension writers, I welcome autumn each year like an old friend that was too long gone. The golds, rusts and burnished reds, leaves crunching under foot and the sound of dry winds gushing through the trees holds its own special kind of magic for me. It’s all to look forward to, warm fires, hot chocolate, woollen rugs, candles and lots of reading time – and you don’t have to feel one bit guilty about missing out on the ‘good’ weather outside.

For most of this book there’s snow on the ground, there are dark evenings and cold crisp mornings. This is the sort of weather and the kind of book to wrap yourself up with, it’s also the kind of book that goes well with hot chocolate (doesn’t every book?) and if you have a hound to cuddle down beside, he’ll only add to your enjoyment!

This is a story, unlike my previous books. Here, I hope you’ll be rooting for Carrie and maybe just a little cross with one or two other characters who are not quite so nice. I enjoyed writing each of the people in this story, they’re all very different, but equally, I laughed or cried with each of the main personalities and in the end, isn’t that what a good Christmas book is all about? Losing yourself in the lives of other people, who were strangers before you met them behind that lovely festive book cover!

I do hope you’ll enjoy it and let me know how you get on with Carrie, Kevin, Valentina, Jane and Teddy!