Introducing The Candle Factory Girl...

It isn’t every author who’s lucky enough to pen a novel set in the very street where they were born, but that is what has happened to me with this, my thirteenth published novel and my third with the lovely Aria Fiction.
My own early childhood memories are, however, extremely happy ones, nothing like the brutal events of abuse, betrayal and deceit that darken my heroine’s life.
I don’t actually remember the clouds of dirty smoke spewing from the now long-gone chimneys of nearby Price’s Candle Factory, since we moved to the country before I reached the age to be aware of such things. But even though I was so young at the time, I still feel a strong urge to return to my roots, and hope you will enjoy reading Hillie’s story of intrigue, lies and the courage to overcome them as much as I loved writing it.

Tania x