Cover Reveal - A Year of Finding Happiness!

Introducing A Year of Finding Happiness 

When I initially wrote A Seaside Escape (formerly Bridge Over the Atlantic) I never imagined anyone would read it. Becoming a published author was always a bit of a pipe dream for me. So imagine my surprise when it not only got published but the main male protagonist, Greg, stole the hearts of my readers!

Greg is a ruggedly handsome yet brusque Scotsman with the ability to put his foot in it during any given situation. He's not known for his tact, nor for having a rein on his emotions. This somehow endeared him to people and they wanted to know more. I was shocked and delighted at the number of messages I received from readers asking whether Greg would ever have his own book. I contemplated the matter for all of ten seconds! I couldn't think of anything more fun than getting deeper into Greg's mind.

So I began to tell his story and the words just flowed. It was like spending time with an old friend. He was such an easy character to write but not because he's two dimensional – far from it.

The only issue when writing the book from Greg's point of view, however, was his use of profanity. But even though this may make me sound like a crazy person, I know him well. And I know that his insistence to use expletives in any situation, regardless of his audience, was just so very natural and so very him. When Greg swears it's rarely through anger or aggression; there's no malice contained therein. It's just his general turn of phrase. I have to admit, however, that I did tone him down a wee bit on my second round of edits. He made me blush and my folks will probably read the book! 

The one major thing that I hope shines through in this book is Greg's capacity for passion. Whether it's connected to his love of Scotland and the beautiful scenery that surrounds him or his ardour for music and lyrics, I hope he comes across as deep, multifaceted and thoughtful because in my mind that's who he is. He's fiercely loyal too; but this makes things all the more troublesome and painful for him as his story unfolds.

It was never my intention for this book to simply be a retelling of A Seaside Escape and so I have avoided doing so. I've tried to give much more insight to Greg's mind and what makes him tick. Yes, you see the story in flashes from his point of view but you also learn what made him the man he is through his tragic and sometimes harrowing backstory.

Another interesting aspect of writing this book was witnessing Mallory through Greg's eyes. When I wrote the first book I related to Mallory's insecurities a great deal and found that readers did too. Thankfully, for the most part they found her realistic and believable. But I loved having the opportunity to see her from the other side of the fence. She was fun to write but it was wonderful to express Greg's thoughts and feelings of Mallory which were in juxtaposition to her own.

Once again the setting of this book is one that will forever have a special place in my heart. It has been incredible to hear from readers who actually visited the location as a result of reading the story – some of whom found Greg's rock at the foot of the Buachaille at Etive Mor. Visiting the place never gets old for me. I can still easily imagine Greg sitting there, bottle of single malt in hand as he watches the sun go down and experiences the changing colours of evening time enveloping him.

Scotland has a lot to answer for personally, in a very positive way. Relocating here gave me a passion for writing that I never imagined would be more than a hobby. The book's location of Clachan Seil and the remarkable stone bridge firmly lodged themselves in my heart and mind and I'll be forever grateful to Greg, Mallory, Sam, Angus and Ruby for giving me such lovely things to write about. 

Lisa x