Introducing Lucy Coleman!

We’re all unique and every single one of us has a different life story!

I was born a true, and hopeless, romantic at heart. Fate smiled on me as I met my lovely husband when I was only sixteen-years-old, and I instantly knew he was the one. He was just seventeen. Eighteen months later we were married, despite dire warnings from family and friends that we were much too young, and it would never last. Out of our love grew this need within me to nurture as the two of us became four, following the arrival of our boys five years apart.
Meeting at such a young age and marrying within two years, life wasn’t always easy. We felt blessed to have our sons, not least because in between I had four miscarriages. But love makes you feel anything is possible and everything we did revolved around family life. From an early age my two passions in life prior to settling down were writing and Latin American dancing, but there never was any spare time to pursue my hobbies. Family life was demanding and fulfilling.
As the boys started school and we moved to a bigger house to accommodate our needs, I went back to work, having two very different careers. The first was as a finance manager (I love numbers, they tell a story of their own) and the second as an interior designer for executive new build homes. The latter endorsed the ‘anything is possible’ mentality. By then we’d moved quite a few times. We’re on our sixteenth house as I speak, having moved once again on the 19th December 2017. But back then my creativity manifested itself in upcycling furniture, painting walls and hand-stencilling. I began doing budget makeovers for friends and family. Out of the blue, one day a property developer saw my work and offered me a job, so I jumped at it!
It was only three years later that I gave up work to look after my mother, who suddenly became very ill. She died three months later, and my life changed once more. My husband suggested I didn’t go back to work because the boys had left the nest, and this was my ‘me’ time. So, I sat down and wrote as a coping mechanism for my grief, but also to begin to empty my head of the stories that were always clamouring to get out. It saw me through one of the saddest times of my life.
That was in 2009 and here I am, preparing for the launch of my twelfth, full-length novel, but my first writing as Lucy Coleman.

The French Adventure is about Anna Lacey’s journey of self-discovery. Love hasn’t been kind to her and yet, despite losing her pride and finding herself unable to say the L word again, she hasn’t given up. No one’s journey is easy but it’s about how you deal with the problems and the lessons you learn on the way. Inherent in her is this need to look out for the people she cares about. When she realises the relationship with her boss isn’t quite what it seems, she heads off to France for a six-month working holiday to help her parents’ in their new business venture.
Working alongside builder Sam Callaghan, to turn two stone outhouses at Le Manoir d’Orsenne into gîtes, her gut instincts soon challenge her to fix what is obviously so broken in him, that he can’t move on with his life. But what if someone doesn’t want to be fixed? Can trying to solve a mystery attached to Le Manoir d’Orsenne be the thing to kick-start both of their lives?
Life’s lessons are often simple. Life is what you choose to make it and the only person who can turn it around is … YOU. But above all, never give up on your dreams. I didn’t, and I never will! And neither will Lucy Coleman.