Introducing Sarah Simpson!

Always a deep thinking child, I supposed that one day - I’d become a writer. So many hours consumed by reading, lost in the fantasy worlds of Enid Blyton, and writing fantasy stories of my own. Always a people watcher, wondering what is ensuing behind the eyes. But as is often the case, life gripped my hand, and led me along a completely different path. I found myself graduating first with a business degree and then with a psychology degree. Then, once I’d completed my post-graduate studies, I moved on to spend many more years working as a therapist within the varied field of mental health. It’s only with hindsight and now that I’ve taken the steps to return to my childhood dreams, I can see this path has gifted me an invaluable understanding of life and of people. I am now a writer; I could never have been without these experiences. 

But, it wasn’t until following an operation, and being literally taken off my feet in 2012, that I began to dream about the possibility of writing once more. Suddenly, I had all the time I’d never had to begin to put pen to paper. I knew I wanted to write about life and as with my debut novel, Her Greatest Mistake – perhaps travel the darker aspects of life and relationships. At this time, I completed around 10,000 words, and then once again, when I was back on my feet - I put my pen down to work around life and work commitments. 

Perhaps, a life changing point for me began in 2014, when I relocated to beautiful Cornwall with my husband and three children. It was here, whilst walking the stunning coastline, with the character of the county, urging to slow down and enjoy life, that my itch to write began to keep me awake at night. But really and truly it took until the end of 2016, to allow myself to believe, writing a book could be a possibility. From here on, every spare minute I was able to steal, I sat down to write Her Greatest Mistake. This novel is a story of life, and how it can so easily take a wrong turn, and twist and spin in a nightmare fashion. It is told through the eyes of my main female protagonist, Eve, who is a psychologist and so I have been able to draw on invaluable practicing knowledge. It explores how, it is not always what we see, what we know but more perhaps - what we don’t see and what maybe we don’t know. The readers journey with Eve, will involve moments of sadness, darkness, happiness, guilt, hate, fear but above all love. The story also reflects on the relationship between truth and lies and how really, there is very little absolute truth, only ever perspective. A perspective coloured by life and personal experiences in a moment of time. 

I have enjoyed each and every moment of the self-taught experience of writing, beyond even my own expectations. I am able to temporarily evaporate into another world, completely losing myself to my imagination. People often ask, if I write in silence, and the truth is – rarely. When I write, I become so engulfed by the story that hours slip away in the guise of minutes and my environment fades somewhere in to the distance. Even when I’m not writing, I’m never far removed from the evolving story of my characters, and the wonderings of their motives. 

I hope you enjoy Her Greatest Mistake!

Sarah x