Introducing Sasha Morgan and Scandal!

I was so excited to join the Aria team. As Scandal had been described as a ‘Rip roaring, bonk busting page turner,’ it’s inevitably attracted the odd snigger and guffaw from friends and family. Comments such as, “So, where did you get your inspiration from, ha ha!” have been asked, several times, usually with a sly wink, or a cheeky nudge. Well, in truth, it’s all to do with a rather active imagination that I’ve been accused of having since being very small. You see, I much prefer my own fantasy little world, it’s far more exciting than the real one. Day dreaming has often led me into trouble; a telling off at school, a missed bus stop, or a dig in the ribs from the boss. But a world full of rich, glamorous jetsetters, ready to whisk you away to their country estates is a far cry from the dull, mundane day to day, isn’t it? And actually, having an active imagination has led to a three book deal with Aria, so it’s come into good use!

Researching for Scandal meant wandering round old, historic houses, sipping wine in country pubs and into the wonderful world of horse racing. I loved every minute. Tagging along with my husband, an avid racing fan, to all the exciting race meetings was brilliant fun. The atmosphere was electric, from picking the runners and riders, to cheering in the winners and celebrating with a glass of fizz, I was soon hooked. Very easily the characters introduced themselves to me - enter Dylan Delany, the sexy jockey with his dark, gypsy looks, who is successful both on and off the race course. Lord Tobias Cavendish-Blake popped into my head when browsing the family portraits of an ancestral home near where I live. His piercing, green eyes stared down at me and demanded he be in the book.

Scandal is set in the Cotswolds, a favourite spot of mine since honeymooning there years ago. It seemed the ideal location to place Treweham Hall. The name Treweham came from two old English words, ‘Trewe’ meaning true and ‘ham’ meaning home, as Megan, one of the main characters in the novel, inherits her gran’s cottage and finds her true home. Escaping from a cheating boyfriend and deciding to start afresh in Treweham, leads her not only into the intoxicating world of the country set, but to her real roots, after uncovering a deep family secret.

There is a serious side to Scandal, where love letters from a World War II hero are found. It was heart breaking to read the soldiers’ messages of love on the various websites I researched. It really brought home just what was sacrificed.

Now I’m writing the second book in the Treweham Hall series and thoroughly enjoying it. I still love all the characters, no matter how much they misbehave! 

Sasha x