Lindsey Hutchinson – How my parents inspired me to write

My father was, and still is, an avid reader and encouraged me to do the same. We always had books at home and were all keen members of the local library.

My mother, Meg Hutchinson, encouraged me to write stories when I was still in school. I remember on one occasion having to write a story for an exam. Having no idea what to cover, mum suggested ‘The Life History of a Piece of Paper.’ After giving me a few ideas she left me to my task.

I imagined myself as the parchment in the hands of a lady writing to her beloved. Being held lovingly, dabbed with perfume, scratched on by a quill, being folded up and wax sealed before being jogged in a bag by a rider on horseback. Then the rough hands of the paramour opening the seal to read the copperplate writing. I received top marks for the story.

I recall growing up with my parents and sister surrounded by books and plenty of writing materials. If I had no homework, or once it was completed, mum would set me tests on spelling, punctuation and grammar. I loved it! 

As my own children grew I wrote and read to them tales of knights and dragons, boys and girls, in the names of my children, who went to hospital. Under anaesthetic, they travelled to see Santa and helped out with the making of toys. Awake once more, they would have toys on their beds that Santa had given them at the workshop, proving they had actually been there!

Meg was a best-selling author after retiring from teaching and it was not until after her death that I decided to pick up pen and paper again. My husband and father encouraged me to submit my first book manuscript for possible publication. They also gave me support and confidence to continue to write. ‘If your mum can do it, then so can you’, a constant reminder to keep at it! Eventually I had my first book published and am now looking forward to the next being released in July.

It’s thanks to my parents I find myself extremely happy scribbling my ideas onto wads of paper. Even the edits are fun!

Lindsey Hutchinson

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