The Lucky Dress. And I feel like a lucky author!

First of all, look at that cover! WOW! I’m like a proud mom with a beautiful child that I want everyone to adore. I’m so proud I may or may not have had it printed and framed and hung on my office wall alongside its previous cover. It’s just beautiful and exactly fitting for the story inside.

I feel like this book has taken a lifetime but not because things moved slowly. The Lucky Dress was previously published as Little Gray Dress and had kind of a rocky publishing experience. When my previous publisher and I parted ways, I was a wreck. Here I had this book baby out in the world that sold really well, readers seemed to like it, and now I had to start over. It was a tad disheartening. Then, I met Aria Fiction. And well… you could say they swept me off my feet with a publishing experience I had only dreamed of before. Their team is amazing to say the least. I felt like they actually were as excited for my book as I was. WOW! 

After chatting with my editor (Melanie) we decided that I needed to add to the book. That was nerve wracking but at the same time, so freaking exciting. It seems like the second a book is published authors are suddenly hit with the ‘I wish I’d done this…’ and I was no different. I regularly read the book reviews and while I can’t say that’s always a great idea, it really helped me see areas where my writing needed improvement. Some helped me see pieces of the book that needed improvement. I'll be honest, an author doesn't get the chance to improve a book that's been previously published very often, there was some great advice in some of those reviews that I did take as I added the addition and editing this version of the book. So, I thank you reviewers (some of you anyway) for giving me some great advice that I think might have just helped me improve my writing and definitely helped improve this story.

This book has been so much fun and I’ve fallen in love with these characters multiple times now. Emi, Jack, Liam, Lily, Hannah, Amelia, and even Greta, have all become my best friends and truly a part of my family. I’m so excited for you to spend time with them, laugh out loud with them, and maybe even fall in love with them. I know I have.

I’d love to hear your thoughts through social media, or even through a review on Amazon! (Seriously, I’ll beg here if I need to… leave a review! Puh-lease!) And make sure you stay in touch because I’ve got some really exciting things coming your way.

Happy Reading!