Meet Heather Burnside

I am excited to have signed a three book deal with Aria for a gritty crime trilogy based in Manchester. Aria have been great to work with and it’s good to know that I have a supportive team of experts behind me. 

Previously I wrote The Riverhill Trilogy as an independent author and published my first novel in August 2014, but it’s a different experience working with a publisher. As an independent author I was responsible for everything myself, from sourcing a cover designer to proof reading, but now I am lucky enough to have experienced professionals on hand to offer their support. 

All of my books to date have been set in Manchester during the 70s, 80s and 90s when gang crime was rife. Not only do they explore the seedy underbelly of the city but they also capture the lives of the people involved in crime and those on the fringes of it. My books are gritty but also emotional. 

I draw my influences from news reports and articles, documentaries, non-fiction books and novels. I particularly like to get behind the news reports and discover the devastating effects that crime and gang culture have on people. As part of my research I have read many news articles and books about Manchester gang culture. 

My protagonists are feisty females who also have a heart. They’re not perfect but are ordinary people faced with extraordinary situations. They are often shaped by their circumstances and sometimes have to battle with moral dilemmas. 

Born Bad is book one of my new trilogy. It features Adele and Peter Robinson, the children of a violent, alcoholic father and an inept, beaten mother. Peter has a disturbing cruel streak and, affected by his turbulent home life, he gradually drifts into a life of crime. Adele, on the other hand, is bright and perceptive and studies hard so she can better herself. Despite their close childhood bond, they eventually drift apart.  

Against a background of upheaval Adele finds the strength to get on in life. But one devastating night she is forced to confront her violent past. When events threaten to spiral out of her control, Peter is the person she turns to for help. Their shared secrets and tortured past pull them closer once more. But getting her out of a fix will be more of a problem than Peter thinks.

Adele has to follow a new, dangerous path as her damaged childhood shapes her future. When Peter becomes a leading light in the murky world of gangland Manchester, Adele is sucked into his world. Books two and three follow Adele and Peter as they become immersed in the criminal underworld and the perils of the 90s nightclub security scene. 

Now that I’ve done the edits for Born Bad I’m starting work on the next novel in the trilogy. I’ve already drawn up a detailed outline for books two and three and I’m looking forward to fleshing it out.

Heather Burnside

BORN BAD publishes 1st July 2017

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