Meet Zoe Folbigg

Hey there! I’m Zoë and I’m super excited to be launching my debut novel, The Note, through amazing Aria, on 1st October.

I’m a magazine journalist by trade, having earned my stripes on the copy desk at Cosmo; editing features for its teenage little sister CosmoGIRL!; then diving into ivory tulle and meringues at wedding magazines including Condé Nast Brides and Cosmo Bride. When I became a mum I started freelancing from my kitchen table, writing health, fitness, parenting and travel features for magazines and newspapers, before writing The Note, my debut novel. 

My novel was inspired by my own life: as a twentysomething single girl I went on a few dates: but I’d already fallen for a stranger on the train – who was always lost in a book and not at all interested in me. Or so I thought. After a rollercoaster of bad timing (missed opportunities and delayed trains!), we finally got together, and when I wrote about our story in the press, the response was amazing: I received kind letters and emails from people I’d never met, from all over the world, who were touched by my story. That empowered me to write a novel based on it. 

Once I’d finished the novel I went to an event at Foyle’s bookshop in London, where I had three minutes to pitch my manuscript and show the first page of it to an agent, in the hope of getting representation. By a happy happenstance I was put on a table with the wonderful Rebecca Ritchie, now at AM Heath, who took me on and introduced me to Aria, who offered me a two-book deal – and here I am!

Like me, in The Note, Maya Flowers falls for a handsome stranger on her daily commute and wonders how she can get him to notice her. And the novel is an exploration in sliding doors and missed opportunities, and what happens when you put your heart on the line and take a chance on changing your life.

It worked out well for my Train Man and me – he proposed when we were on a train in the middle of Australia’s red centre and we married a few months later – and I’m busy writing my second novel (which has nothing to do with public transport!), while our young sons are at school. 

I hope you enjoy The Note and it makes you feel inspired to take a chance and make a leap, because sometimes when we’re feeling nervous, it’s good to ask the question, “What’s the worst that could happen?”


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