Our favourite thrillers of the Autumn...

Hello Aria addicts, and welcome to our Chiller Thriller week where we celebrate some of our favourite thrillers of the year. We’ll also be giving away more books than ever before, and having some great fun on social media, so make sure you tune in to our channels over the week.

Here are a few recommendations for you, but if you’re still stuck you can check out our all NEW Amazon store with a thriller list!


1)    Keep Her Silent by Theresa Talbot

The second fantastically-written thriller to feature the fearless journalist, Oonagh O’Neil, as she uncovers crimes linked to the Tainted Blood Scandal that has re-hit the headlines recently. This book is for you if you like fast-paced true crime, a strong female protagonist and genuinely shocking twists. 

2)    Who I Am by Sarah Simpson

This is the long-awaited second book from Sarah Simpson. Andi’s graduation ceremony ends in disaster, which she thinks she’s escaped from with her new perfect life on the Cornish Coast. Until it seems like someone is determined to not let her forget those fateful events. You’ll go crazy for this if you like psychological thrillers, crazy twists and breath-taking scenery.  

3)    The Home by Karen Osman

A different kind of thriller - this book is terrifying because you know they happen outside a book’s pages. Angela was abandoned as a child and grew up in a children’s home. She’s adopted by the kind and wealthy James and Rosemary, and has seemingly escaped her sordid past. You’ll love Osman’s latest novel if you’re looking for a realistic and well-written thriller that will  leave you with an uneasy feeling. 

4)    Broken Dolls By Sarah Flint

This is the latest instalment in the DC Charlotte Stafford series, and just as compelling as the last. A baby lies abandoned and left to die, a prostitute has been beaten to death. A web of lies leads DC Stafford to the crack houses of Lambeth. This book is for you if you’re looking for a gritty police procedural that tackles some very real themes. 

5)    Kiss her Goodbye By Susan Gee
Hayley Reynolds is unwanted in all aspects of life but finds a friend in Kirsten Green. When Kirsten pushes her away, she decides to kill her, leading to an investigation where the reader is privy to the murderer but the investigation has very little evidence. You’ll love this if you’re looking for a novel packed full of suspense and manipulative characters.