Rosie Clarke and the Mulberry Lane series!

A little snippet from Rosie Clarke about her upcoming book A Wedding at Mulberry Lane!


A Wedding at Mulberry Lane is due out for Christmas, 1st December. This is the second in my wartime series about the people who live in and around a lane in the East End of London. War has caught up with the residents now and its shadow looms over all their lives.

Maureen Jackson thought that she would be free when she left her father’s shop and signed up to be a nurse, but life and death have a habit of catching up, and she discovers that death is always close in wartime. When she loses one of her friends in a bomb raid, it makes Maureen even more determined to help others and the best way to do that is by committing her life to nursing. Unfortunately, that doesn’t suit Rory, the man she loves.

In London, Peggy has fallen in love and is swept up in a passionate love affair that will bring her great happiness but also sadness and pain. Janet is still battling with the bitter hurt of being rejected by her husband, who cannot remember her: while the rest of the lane continues to soldier on, complaining about the shortages and terrified of the nightly raids.

I wanted this series to be about real people, living ordinary lives that were torn apart by love and by war. As the series unfolds the characters will know love, great happiness and sadness too as they cope with being parted from loved ones and the death of others. Above all, I wanted a series that readers can relate to and feel, yes - that could be me. If I lived then, that’s how I would feel. If I’ve managed to make you feel that you know Peggy, Maureen and Janet, then I’ve done all I could hope for…

Some of the books will reflect a lot of pain and sorrow, because it was a dreadful time, but some of them will have laughter and hope, because that is what life is… from sorrow to hope, from laughter to tears.

I hope you enjoy the books and you can always contact me through the website