The scary side of Vendetta!

Hello everybody. I hope you’re enjoying Chiller Thriller week. As it’s Halloween I thought it would be fitting to tell you about the scary characters in my Manchester trilogy and in book three, Vendetta, in particular.

Let’s start with the most obvious, Glynn Mason who is big, strong and handsome with a deceptive, effortless charm. What makes Glynn scary is the fact that he is so ambitious he will do almost anything to succeed, and he doesn’t care who he hurts along the way. He is ruthless, determined and callous, and he sees death and destruction as a necessary part of his lifestyle. He can’t be trusted and will shaft anybody if he stands to gain by it.

Glynn’s sidekick, Mike Shaftesbury, is also big and strong but he lacks Glynn’s good looks and charm. What he does have, however, is blood lust. Unlike Glynn, he doesn’t just kill and maim people who stand in the way of his ambitions; he actually does it with a smile on his face. He is a warped individual who treats torture as a gruesome pastime.

Peter Robinson, brother of our protagonist, Adele, is ambitious, good looking and charismatic like Glynn but without the imposing physique. There is no doubt that Peter has a cruel streak as displayed in his earlier crimes such as mugging old ladies. However, as an adult he develops a conscience and doesn’t like using violence unless he deems it necessary to command respect from the people he deals with.

Alan Palmer is a tough and violent career criminal. What is scary about him is that he is also intelligent and knows how to get his own way in his shady business world. He is also Peter’s sworn enemy, which makes him a threat to anybody associated with Peter.

His right hand man, David Scott, is sly and unpredictable. With a former penchant for drugs, his mood can soon switch. He can be volatile but he is also quite subservient to Alan and will carry out ruthless acts in order to impress his leader. 

Lastly is our protagonist, Adele Robinson. Although she has a good heart and tries to do the right thing, let’s not forget that violent temper of hers. Whether a product of her upbringing or her genes, her temper knows no bounds once she loses it, which can have devastating consequences. After all, this is the woman who beat her father to death in an uncontrolled rage. The consequences of that act shape the rest of her life and influence many of the decisions she makes throughout the trilogy.

Enjoy your Halloween celebrations and please don’t let my scary characters ‘haunt’ your dreams.