Top Aria Summer Reads!

Hello Aria addicts, 

I hope you’ve been enjoying the scorching summer weather that we’ve been blessed with in the UK! If you’re lucky enough to be sitting on a beach, or will be soon, I’ve collated some of Aria’s top summer reads that will bring laughter, tears and smiles to your sunbathing sessions. 

And if you don’t get to sit on a beach anytime soon or the weather inevitably turns back to British Grey, I hope that these books can bring a little bit of sunshine and fun back to your rainy days… 

1)     Summer in a Cornish Cove, Kate Ryder – set in the fabulous Cornwall, Oliver Foxley is a movie star with a not-so-perfect life who meets Cara, a struggling artist. Their love story is incredibly sweet, and the dreamy Cornish elements make you want to pack up and head South!

2)    Wedding Bells at the Dog & Duck, Jill Steeples – returning to the Dog & Duck and Ellie’s adventures is always a treat. This time Ellie is preparing for a relaxing Christmas, before her and Max’s baby arrives. As always, it doesn’t quite go to plan! A fun and heart-warming read, great if you’re missing out on the wedding season.

3)    One Summer in Positano, Georgie Capron – Libby, in her mid-30s, decides it’s time to grow up and flies to Positano for one last fun, care-free summer. She meets the naughty Luca, and soon has to make a decision about her future life and love. One for anyone who has wondered if they’ve ever made the right decision.

4)    Finding Dreams, Lauren Westwood -  Lizzie loses everything when her husband dies and his debts come to light. To keep herself afloat, she opens up her big house to the cast of a romantic movie. An engrossing and enchanting read that will have you speeding through the pages!

5)    Scandal, Sasha Morgan – Tobias Cavendish Blake inherits his ancestral home, Treweham Hall. Megan inherits her grandmother’s cottage in Treweham. When they meet, their attraction is clear but Megan is determined to leave him and his scandalous reputation alone. Fun, flirty and a little more scandalous than other reads!

6)    Single Girl’s Calendar, Erin Green – When Esme is left broken-hearted, she follows The Single Girl’s Calendar to build herself a new life. Who knows what she’ll find out along the way about the people she loves, and more importantly, herself? A genuinely funny and charming read that will make your day that little bit more sunny. 

All these fabulous reads are only 99p on the Aria Summer Reads List, which you can access here for even more inspiration:


Happy reading!


Vicky x