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Dan Jones Joins the Board at Head of Zeus
Powers and Thrones
The World Aflame
The Templars

Anthony Cheetham, Chairman of Head of Zeus, announced today that Dan Jones has joined the board as a Company Director and accepted an advisory role as Associate Publisher of the Apollo History list.

Dan Jones has established a reputation as a leading authority on the history of the Middle Ages. His recent books - all published by Head of Zeus under the Apollo imprint -  include MAGNA CARTA, THE TEMPLARS, CRUSADERS, and in September 2021 POWER & THRONES: A New History of the Middle Ages.

He has also been instrumental in bringing to the Company a number of other authors who have made an important contribution to the growth of the history sector, including Marina Amaral, the Brazilian artist and co-author with Dan Jones of THE COLOUR OF TIME and THE WORLD AFLAME.

Looking ahead, Dan has introduced a group of younger historians who will build the list in years to come. The quartet listed below share a common goal in retelling history from the perspective of those traditionally underrepresented in this genre.

  • Elodie Harper has delivered the first novel, THE WOLF DEN (May2021) in her trilogy set in Pompeii's brothel under the shadow of Vesuvius in 69 AD. 

  • Lauren Johnson published SHADOW KING, her life of King Henry VI, with Apollo in 2019. Her life of MARGARET BEAUFORT follows in 2022.

  • Emma Wells, a church historian based at the University of York, tells the story of the great cathedrals in HEAVEN ON EARTH (2022).

  • Honor Cargill-Martin, a graduate of Oxford and of the Courtauld, unravels the slanders of Roman historians in her biography of MESSALINA (2023)

In October 2021 Head of Zeus will publish Dan’s next book, POWERS & THRONES: A New History of the Middle Ages. This will also mark the launch of a new venture, The Ancient and Medieval History Library which aims to establish Head of Zeus  as a market leader in its field, embracing both fiction and non fiction from antiquity to the Renaissance.

Said Anthony Cheetham: “Dan is an outstanding historian and storyteller. He is also an instinctive entrepreneur who knows how the media industry operates and how publishers can take a proactive role in the creation of intellectual property.”

Dan Jones said, “I joined Head of Zeus as an author seven years ago, because I saw they were a smart, nimble company with an ambition to sell beautiful and intelligent books to a mass audience across the world. They put no limits on creativity, they back new voices and they take risks. That’s exactly what I’m about. Head of Zeus also understands that in the new media landscape, intellectual property is king - and great books can be the starting point for multi-platform, international storytelling brands. So I’m honoured to accept these exciting roles and I look forward to publishing many more wonderful stories together.”