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Head of Zeus
An Armour-Plated BestsellerA Cover Reveal for Terry Goodkind's Monumental Children of D'Hara

Terry always planned on collecting his CHILDREN OF D'HARA instalments in one large edition. We just didn't anticipate quite how large it would be...

Terry's enthusiasm for Richard and Kahlan's new story is shown by the almost exponential expansion of spine widths as the volumes progressed. By the time we got to episode five, INTO DARKNESS, we were at 680 pages and really had to take the word 'novella' off the front and replace it with 'novel'. 

Terry finalized the cover design over the summer and wanted to do a cover reveal this autumn. The vision was for the entire jacket -- front, back and spine -- to be printed on silver foil and Terry wanted a digital image that could show this off. He wasn't convinced a "flat" jpeg would do the book justice.

"We'll make a 3D model of it" I said, with no experience of 3D modelling.

I'm sad that Terry will never see the finished book, but I think he will be proud of the symphony of silver it is going to be. Here's that 3D preview. I can tell you that the real thing -- weighing in at nearly 1000 pages and shining like a burnished piece of armour -- looks even better.