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Head of Zeus
Coming Soon From Head of ZeusNew books out in the next month
A Kind of Vanishing
Walk Me Home
Extenuating Circumstances
The Book of Mars
Cleopatra's Daughter
The Spear of Crom
The Weather Woman
Once Upon a Hillside
Best Crime Stories of the Year Volume 2
Blind Panic
Frost Falls at The Potting Shed
Santa Maybe
On the First Day of Christmas
SBS: Special Boat Squadron
The Best of World SF: 2
The Girl Who Dared to Dream
The House at Phantom Park
Mosquito Men
The Little Library Parties
Fowl Play
When Christmas Comes
The Politician
Sleep When You're Dead
Robert Ludlum's™ The Blackbriar Genesis
The Traitor
Theft of an Idol
Finding Happiness at Penvennan Cove
Cixin Liu's The Circle
Cixin Liu's The Butterfly
Cixin Liu's For the Benefit of Mankind
Cixin Liu's The Devourer
History & Current Affairs
The Burgundians
A Spectre, Haunting
The King's Painter
The Queen
The Queen
The Arab Conquests
The Dark Queens
Dirty Work
Dirty Work
The Vanished Collection
The Awakening
The Awakening
Ad Astra
Lost in Time
Lost in Time
The Best of World SF
Kingdoms of Death
Speaking Bones
The Key to Fury
The Girl from Vichy
Finding Love at Mermaid Terrace
The Ladies' Midnight Swimming Club
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Q&A with Marina McCarron, author of The Shimmer on the WaterA completely unputdownable and full of emotion read
Discover The Hidden Child by Louise FeinThe Hidden Child will publish in May 2022
The Belladonna Maze
Just Out From AriaThe pick of our new releases
The Englishman
The Serpent Sword
The Patient
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A Night of Flames