A Christmas Wish by Erin Green
A Dad of His Own by Minna Howard
A Gangster's Grip by Heather Burnside
A House to Mend a Broken Heart by Alison Sherlock
A Knightsbridge Scandal by Anita Davison
A Last Goodbye by Dee Yates
A Life Without You by Shari Low
A New York Love Story by Cassie Rocca
A Seaside Escape by Lisa Hobman
A Wedding at Mulberry Lane by Rosie Clarke
A Winter Affair by Minna Howard
A Year of Finding Happiness by Lisa Hobman
Accidentally in Love by Anna Premoli
Accused by Mark Toscano
All I Want is You by Patricia Mar
Always and Forever by Siân O'Gorman
An Indecent Proposal by Julia Ross
Behind a Closed Door by Adele O'Neill
Best Friends by Carys Jones
Betrayal at Cleeve Abbey by Anita Davison
Blood and Blade by Matthew Harffy
Blood Ties by Heather Burnside
Born Bad by Heather Burnside
Broken Dolls by Sarah Flint