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Head of Zeus
Daughter of the Wolf
Daughter of the Wolf by Victoria Whitworth

Northumbria, 859.

In England before the Norman Conquest, a land ruled by rival kings, Radmer of Donmouth is guardian of the estuary, the gateway to Northumbria. When his king sends him on a mission to Rome, Donmouth is left in the safekeeping of Radmer's only daughter, Elfrun.

But powerful conspiracies are being woven, and deadly rivals are circling, ready to take advantage of Donmouth's young and inexperienced new ruler.

What people are saying about DAUGHTER OF THE WOLF:

'I devoured this book, and I'm looking forward to a sequel'

'An engaging, enthralling and beautifully written book'

'There are some books that you just don't want to end, and this is one of those'

'This is a spectacular book - I was entirely caught up in the world Whitworth effortlessly creates'

Head of Zeus * Action & Adventure
21 Apr 2016 * 512pp * £4.49 * 9781781850909
'A beautiful, rich tale ... the deep joy of this book is in its portrayal of everyday life in a harsh time. Gripping and highly recommended'
The Times
'[Whitworth] has crafted something very clever – it's a stirring epic journey at first glance, but on a deeper level there are really fascinating questions raised about the nature of fate, duty, and loyalty ... the deep historical detail and the beautiful descriptive language makes this a really cracking read'
The Bookbag
'[Pulls] you into the time period, to experience it as if you were there ... Characters are well fleshed out and humanly flawed so that the reader can identify with them and care about what happens to them'
My Weekly (Fiction Editors Pick of the Week)
'Whitworth did an exceptional job of bringing to life the hardships of the Dark Ages, and the plight of women during that time ... a fascinating read ... A medieval novel that is sure to keep you flipping pages until the end. Highly recommended'
Great Historicals
'Colourful and packed with memorable characters, this novel is richly imagined and very readable'
BBC History Magazine
'Daughter of the Wolf translates a vast amount of research into an engrossing saga of life in pre-Conquest England. The strongly worked characters, plot, and vivid detail combine to make this an engrossing read'
Historical Novels Review
Victoria Whitworth
Victoria Whitworth
Victoria Whitworth is a historian and bestselling author of Daughter of the Wolf and Swimming with Seals. She lives near Inverness, where she writes full time.
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