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Head of Zeus
Sword Of The North
Sword Of The North by Luke Scull
 The Grim Company, 2

It is the Age of Ruin, a time in desperate need of heroes. But heroes are in short supply.

Former rebel Sasha is an unwilling envoy between the powerful. Eremul the Halfmage languishes in disgrace, his warnings of approaching war falling on deaf ears. Yllandris, sorceress of the High Fangs, servant to a demon lord, has become that which she most despises. Davarus Cole, assassin of the immortal, lies on the brink of death. The legendary champion Brodar Kayne carves a bloody path towards his enemy of old in search of the woman he thought dead.

In the second blistering instalment of THE GRIM COMPANY, past and present collide, plunging the Age of Ruin further into darkness...

Head of Zeus * Fantasy
10 Dec 2014 * 480pp * £4.99 * 9781781851586
'If you like your gizzards glistening and your mages mean, this rollicking debut will suit. Hugely enjoyable'
Daily Mail
'A writer who will hit the genre like an augmented hammer. My favourite fantasy of the year'
Parmenion Books
'The writing is incredible ... Sword of the North is everything I'd hoped it would be, a deserving sequel to one of the finest fantasy novels of recent times – a rich and rewarding read told by a true storyteller'
SF Books
'If you are into Epic Fantasy this series should be on your to read list. Luke Scull's background in RPG design has given him a definite edge when it comes to designing and executing his story. Fast, brutal and a whole lot of cool'
The Book Plank
'The characters are the highlight; they are all so well written, deeply developed and memorable in their own way. Even when Scull's characters are dastardly and unlikeable, they're great ... I absolutely cannot wait for the final'
Fantasy Book Critic
'A story of seeking. Luke spreads light and shade, shining poignancy through the brutality as we watch youthful black and white beliefs clash with a real world reality. (A religious metaphor for those who seek depth in fantasy.)'
The Bookbag
The Grim Company
Dead Man's Steel
Luke Scull
Luke Scull
Luke Scull is the lead designer at game design company Ossian Studios. He lives and works in Warminster.
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