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Head of Zeus
One for Sorrow
One for Sorrow by M.E. Mayer
 Death in Byzantium, 1

DEATH IN BYZANTIUM: At the heart of what is left of the Roman Empire, lies a city simmering with intrigue and treachery. Amid this maelstrom stands John, a slave who has risen to become the right hand of Justinian, the greatest of Byzantium's emperors. With violence and murder commonplace, it is John's skills as an investigator that the Emperor prizes the most.

ONE FOR SORROW: It is AD 535 and when the body of a high ranking treasury official is found in a filthy alley behind a house of ill repute, John embarks on an investigation that will stir the ghosts of his past and threaten his life. Amid rumours of soothsayers and priceless holy relics, he will follow a trail that twists and turns through the splendour and the squalor of sixth-century Byzantium. Before he reaches its end, John will defy the Patriarch of Constantinople, risk the wrath of an unmerciful Emperor and incur the undying hatred of his infamous Empress, Theodora.

Head of Zeus * Crime Fiction
08 Aug 2018 * 320pp * £7.99 * 9781781851968
'Darned close to being the perfect historical mystery.' Booklist.
'Subtle, well-drawn characters, an outstanding historical series.' Publishers Weekly.
'John the Lord Chamberlain is an unforgettable protagonist.' Library Journal.