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Head of Zeus
Sorrow Without End
Sorrow Without End by Priscilla Royal
 Medieval Mystery, 3

MEDIEVAL MYSTERY: On a remote East Anglian coast stands Tyndal Priory, home to a rare monastic order where men and women live and work together in close proximity. Twenty-year-old Eleanor of Wynethorpe has been appointed prioress by Henry III over the elected choice of the priory itself. Young and inexperienced, Eleanor will face a grave struggle – in a place dedicated to love and peace, she will find little of either.

SORROW WITHOUT END: As the first of winter's storms ravages the East Anglian coast, a man, his soul burning with vengeance, takes the last steps in a journey that began two thousand miles ago...

In the woods surrounding Tyndal Priory, the discovery of a disembowelled corpse wrapped in a crusader's cloak horrifies the community. A bronze dagger planted in the man's chest is engraved with a strange, cursive design. It is no Englishman's weapon. Could it be a Saracen blade? Wielded by an assassin?

Head of Zeus * Crime Fiction
10 Dec 2015 * 272pp * £7.99 * 9781781853467
'Intriguing plot, chilling conclusion and all the potential to evolve into a series as enduring as Ellis Peters' Publishers Weekly.
'Anyone who hasn't read Priscilla Royal's mysteries yet is in for a treat' Sharon Kay Penman.
'A superior historical' Publishers Weekly.