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Head of Zeus
Premier League
Premier League: A History in 10 Matches by Jim White

Tens of millions follow it.

It attracts the finest global talent to play in what is almost a weekly World Cup.

In just 20 years it has transformed football from national embarrassment to Britain's leading cultural export.

It offers dreams and drama, pride and passion, triumph and tears.

It is the most popular sporting contest on Earth.


Celebrating 21 years of football's most popular and prestigious competition told through 10 of the most defining matches in history.

Please note: This ebook is hand-crafted. Well not quite, but it is certainly a cut above the rest; great care has been taken to make sure it is both beautiful and highly functional.

Head of Zeus * Sport
26 Sep 2013 * 368pp * £6.99 * 9781781854297
'A wonderfully entertaining history'
Sunday Telegraph
'A rich and thoroughly enjoyable tapestry'
Sunday Business Post
'It's all fascinating with White exceptional at evoking the passion of the 10 matches'
Four Four Two
Cleverly done... writing of the highest quality... a superb book'
The Bookbag
'Elegantly constructed and incredibly insightful, it perfectly captures the heart stopping madness of the modern day Premier League'
Philip Kerr, Mail on Sunday
Jim White
Jim White
Jim White has written for the Independent, the Guardian and the Telegraph. He is the author of MANCHESTER UNITED THE BIOGRAPHY and YOU’LL WIN NOTHING WITH KIDS.
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