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Head of Zeus
Raven: My Year of Dating Dangerously by Monica Porter

She put the sex into sexagenarian... Witty, funny and full of thoughtful observations about sex and relationships, Monica Porter's 'yummy grand-mummy' memoir is the first of its kind.

As a 60-year-old writer living in London, mother and grandmother Monica Porter thinks her sex life is over when she is ditched by her partner of 13 years... until a chance encounter with a good-looking 26-year-old leads to a night of passion and kick-starts her year of dating dangerously. She discovers a world of highly sexed young men online, all eager to experience the delights an older woman has to offer.

Monica – username Raven – discovers she is thrilled to be a free agent again. But internet dating sites are the biggest, brashest, 'pick up joints' ever devised. What are the rules of this game? And can she learn to play? The men 'winking' and messaging and 'favouriting' her form an intriguing microcosm of 21st century society. But what does Raven want from it all anyway? How will it all end?

Head of Zeus * Memoir
07 Apr 2014 * 272pp * £4.49 * 9781784081508
'Shocking, refreshing and admirable.'
Daily Mail
'Admirably frank and unapologetic'
Mail on Sunday
'Thrills, dangers, controversy…zeitgeist-shifting'
Monica Porter
Monica Porter
Monica Porter has been a London-based journalist since the 1970s. She has two sons, and two grandsons, and has written five books. To find out more, visit: