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Head of Zeus
The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor
The Temptation of Elizabeth Tudor by Elizabeth Norton
 Great Lives

England, late 1547. Henry VIII is dead. His 14-year-old daughter Elizabeth is living with the old king's widow Catherine Parr and her new husband Thomas Seymour. Ambitious, charming and dangerous, Seymour begins an overt flirtation with Elizabeth that ends in her being sent away by Catherine.

When Catherine dies in autumn 1548 and Seymour is arrested for treason soon after, the scandal explodes into the open. Alone and in dreadful danger, Elizabeth is closely questioned by the king's regency council: Was she still a virgin? Was there a child? Had she promised to marry Seymour? In her replies, she shows the shrewdness and spirit she would later be famous for. She survives the scandal. Thomas Seymour is not so lucky.

The Seymour Scandal led to the creation of the Virgin Queen. On hearing of Seymour's beheading, Elizabeth observed 'This day died a man of much wit, and very little judgement'. His fate remained with her. She would never allow her heart to rule her head again.

Head of Zeus * Biography
05 Nov 2015 * 368pp * £8.99 * 9781784081713
'This is how historical writing should be ... the best history book I've read in a long time'
Alison Weir
'Many readers will find much to enjoy in this lively and detailed account of the politics and personalities of the early Elizabethan years'
The Tablet
'A lively and detailed account ... Norton's narrative is pacy and colourful'
Susan Doran
'Absolutely stunning. A forensic analysis of an intriguing and disturbing episode in Elizabeth I's early life which casts fresh light onto our most fascinating monarch'
Sarah Gristwood
'Soundly researched and very readable history, and Ms Norton vividly conveys the atmosphere of intrigue between member of the power-hungry families'
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Elizabeth Norton
Elizabeth Norton
Elizabeth Norton is a historian of the queens of England and the Tudor period. She is the author of biographies of Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves and Catherine Parr, and of England's Queens: The Biography.
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