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Head of Zeus
Finding Secrets
Finding Secrets: An uplifting romance where love conquers all by Lauren Westwood

Will the secrets of the past be the key you the future? Utterly captivating, a fantastic romance from beginning to end. Perfect for the fans of Carole Matthews and Milly Johnson.

Alex Hart loves her dream job as manager of Mallow Court, a historic Elizabethan house. But the discovery of a precious jewelled locket changes everything, and Alex realises that things are not as they seem.

From an old diary, to a handsome barrister, a mysterious clockmaker, and the darkest hours of the London Blitz, Alex must follow the trail of clues to uncover the truth about the things she holds dearest - whilst someone is determined not to let sleeping dogs lie!

What readers are saying about FINDING SECRETS:

'What a spellbinding story! Finding Secrets is another truly fantastic book by Lauren Westwood'

'There was so much to this story and I recommend anyone to read this, you will not be disappointed'

'One of my top reads of 2017'

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Romance
01 Mar 2017 * 416pp * £2.99 * 9781784975890
It's hard to find a good romantic mystery... Westwood found the perfect balance and seamlessly weaved love and mystery together in this book'
Roumanis Books
'An escapist read really fits the bill sometimes and I can recommend this book without reservation'
Carolyn McVicker-Wilson, NetGalley
A wonderful unpredictable read... It has love and romance and mystery interwoven so wonderfully to make a fantastic read'
Karen Whittard, NetGalley
'An uplifting romance where love conquers all, but it's so much more than just another romance book. It's only February and I already have a feeling it'll remain one of my top books of 2017'
The Well-Read Pirate Queen
I pretty much loved everything about this book... The perfect weekend book to read curled up with a cuppa!'
Sky Hogan, NetGalley
'The perfect combination of mystery, romance and history!'
Rae Reads
'An unexpected, intense and highly fascinating read'
The Writing Garnet
'A wonderful read with great characters, plenty of intrigue and a generous helping of romance!'
Chick Lit Uncovered
'A highly enjoyable read, I loved how the chapters alternated between present day and short diary entries from the time of the London Blitz. And family secrets within a historic, restored manor house sets up the perfect place for the plot to unfold'
The Book Collective
'The plot was entertaining and well-constructed while Ms. Westwood's writing was insightful, richly detailed, keenly observant, and frequently amusing'
Books and Bindings
'An extremely well woven mystery with great characters, both past and present, and the outcome was both satisfying and extremely plausible'
Reviewer Lady
'I am not a fan of historical fiction or olden day books but I wanted to give this ago. I am so pleased that I did as I've given it 5 stars and is so far one of my top reads of 2017'
Grass Monster
'We had an intruder, mysterious diary entries being left, attentions from a possible culprit, family issues... There was a lot going on!'
Holly Mann, NetGalley
'Never read any by this author before but I will do now! Loved the book, very interesting, not just a normal love story'
Louise Piridge, NetGalley
A really entrancing and nail biting mystery with a touch of wittiness and perfection... I can't wait to read more from the author'
Rubina Bashir, NetGalley
Fully of intrigue... the story twists and turns so that you are never quite sure who to trust but very compelling reading with the right mix of mystery and romance and some great characters'
Sally Coles, NetGalley
What a spellbinding story! Finding Secrets is another truly fantastic book by Lauren Westwood... There is romance mixed with mystery and intrigue'
Sparkly Word
'This is not your standard chicklit - it's a well written and complicated tale which waves back and forth in time a bit with a mystery and, indeed, romance'
Kathleen Gray, NetGalley
'Has everything I love in a novel from start to finish. I can't wait to read what the author has planned next!'
Sophie Kate, NetGalley
Lauren Westwood
Lauren Westwood
Lauren Westwood writes romantic women's fiction, and is also an award-winning children's writer. Originally from California, she now lives in England in a pernickety old house built in 1602, with her partner and three daughters. facebook: @Lwestwoodbooks; twitter: @lwestwoodwriter; web:; instagram: @lwestwoodwriter; Goodreads: Lauren Westwood
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