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Head of Zeus
And I'd Do It Again
And I'd Do It Again by Aimée Crocker

With the world at her feet and Californian railroad fortunes in her purse, Aimée had a tale or two to tell. Here, she boldly delivers her hilarious memoirs of escaping headhunters in Borneo, avoiding poisoning in Hong Kong and outwitting murder in Shanghai.

Not remotely cowered by her skirmishes with sin, shame or vice, Aimée celebrates her quintet of unfortunate husbands including a Russian prince almost forty years her junior and King Kalakaua of Hawaii, emboldened by her forcefulness to hold sway over the faint of heart.

Aimée was a woman of means, not always a lady and never what you might call 'proper'. In this laugh-out-loud story of her life, she recounts her adventures with flair, invincibility and unapologetic gusto.

Head of Zeus * Biography
09 Feb 2017 * 400pp * £4.99 * 9781784979843
'Crocker has a certain forthright energy and arrogance: reading her chronicle of ripping yarns is like being repeatedly offered strong cocktails by someone determined you shan't go home. And she has mixed them herself ... I was so exhausted by the end that I collapsed into the new Joanna Trollope, reflecting that what we women consider an adventure these days is pretty damn tame'
Libby Purves, TLS
'A fascinating read and one that you won't want to put down'
History Revealed

Aimée Crocker

Aimée Crocker
Aimée Crocker was an American heiress, Bohemian, world traveller and author best known for her adventures in the Far East, her extravagant parties and her collections of husbands and lovers, adopted children, Buddhas, tattoos and snakes.