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Head of Zeus
The Plots Against Hitler
The Plots Against Hitler by Danny Orbach

In 1933, Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. A year later, all parties but the Nazis had been outlawed, freedom of the press was but a memory, and Hitler's dominance seemed complete. Yet over the next few years, an unlikely clutch of conspirators emerged – soldiers, schoolteachers, politicians, diplomats, theologians, even a carpenter – who would try repeatedly to end the Fuhrer's genocidal reign.

Danny Orbach's meticulously researched book tells the story of their noble, ingenious, and doomed efforts. This is history at its most suspenseful: we witness secret midnight meetings, crises of conscience, fierce debates among old friends about whether and how to dismantle Nazism, and the various plots themselves being devised and executed.

Head of Zeus * Modern History
13 Jul 2017 * 432pp * £8.99 * 9781786694560
'A robust history of the German conspiracy against Nazism'
Kirkus Reviews
'Likely to become the definitive general history of the subject and the starting place for all future research'
Publishers Weekly
'A riveting read well worth picking up'
Jewish Book Council
Deserves equal footing with the most excellent books written on the Nazi era... it stands out due to its rare perspective, since we are used to reading about Nazi Germany with an image of almost unanimous fanaticism and Hitler worship in our minds'
What Orbach does so well in his book is that he paints as full a portrait as possible of each of the conspirators and then, to a certain extent, lets you make up your own mind... An utterly fascinating read. Orbach rightly puts the emphasis on the men and women involved in the conspiracies, rather on the attempts themselves'
Boney Abroad
'Orbach tells a vital story, and tells it with unflagging vividness'
The Herald
'This is history at its most suspenseful'
Eye Spy Magazine

Danny Orbach

Danny Orbach
Danny Orbach, a veteran of Israeli intelligence, studied at Tel Aviv, Tokyo and Harvard Universities. As a historian, and political blogger, he has published extensively on German, Israeli and Middle Eastern history.